2CH 1170 Sydney


I guess I will have to listen but are the weekend shows ALL automated??


Perhaps Macquarie still have control of dab but 2ch are able to tinker with radio app.


I am enjoying the 60s weekend on 2ch


It’s been quite a while since an ad for 2CH last aired on Sydney TV, but this one (and a 30 Second version) is currently airing for a Lexus competition the station is running at the moment.

Also, the production quality is thankfully far better than the now-infamous “Happy Days” ads from Late 2014.


Very Slick ad.


This is the happy days ad. This was before Magic.



Looks like they have new app in Android.


That reminds me…

Now that they have “Now Playing” song info on their app, I’ll have to check if they have added this info on DAB too.


Two questions:

Good TVC, but why show the Lexus radio with AM presets, surely the DAB+ text would’ve been a smarter choice?

If there was no special effects added, could’ve used a DAB+ text slide reinforcing DAB+.

Secondly, does the Lexus have a DAB+ tuner?


That model Lexus shown in the ad (the CT Hybrid), doesn’t have a DAB+ Tuner as standard, but is available in an Option pack.

Though it does have a 10 speaker audio system, Lexus vehicles generally have excellent quality sound systems.


Thanks Radiohead.

It’d beggar belief for an AM station to have a car as a prize and not have a DAB+ tuner.

Would be good to if 2CH helped themselves and gave away digital radios, needs to be more discussion, more interest of the platform.

Quite easy to work out how to do, look at success stories such as SA FM from 1980 onwards on increasing demand for FM radio.


I gather 2CH listeners aren’t too fussed on DAB radio.

I remember even only 10-15 years, Lexus vehicles still had a cassette player in them (as well as a CD player), because it’s target market (the 50+) were habitual in listening to analogue sources eg. AM, FM and cassettes.


If they want success, they should be. Here’s a way to give yourself a level playing field, the band stigma eliminated.

If there’s a genuine point of difference to other music formats and the offering is of wide enough appeal, DAB+ should appeal to management if they’re forward thinking to see the benefits.

The current generation of older audiences have been exposed to more technology during their earlier years, therefore should be more receptive to an improvement in technology.


the oldies love digital radio though. My parents bought a digital radio years before I had got around to doing so.

I think the research has shown that the over-55s are listening to digital radio as much as the younger age brackets. I reckon a big driver for them has been being able to hear their old stations like Magic or 3MP (sadly both no longer with us) or 2CH in a much better quality than AM mono.


Not yet. I think they are yet to have control of thier dab.


That’s all taking a while then…

Though they did manage to get “Magic” taken off the DAB station name.


I completely agree! I find it staggering that AM music stations like 2CH and 4KQ don’t do more to promote the s#it out of DAB+. It’s just weird.
I actually emailed 4KQ about their new news intro which says “693AM and on iheart radio” but no mention of digital radio. I got a response saying “oh yes we should do that”…WTF :slight_smile:


I only watch The Bachelor for the radio masts :slight_smile:

Is this the 2CH/2EA transmitter site at Olympic Park?


Yes, it was the 2CH/2EA mast, now it’s only 2EA.

2CH is now on the 2KY mast along with 2GB, which is on the other (Western) side of Olympic Park.


The 2CH Website is now listing an administrative office at the We Work Co-working office at 100 Harris St Pyrmont. The PO Box address is also now different to Macquarie’s.
Studios are still listed at being in Macquarie’s building. I assume this is a stepping stone to setting up their own dedicate office and studios.