2CH 1170 Sydney


Trevor Smith does the Voice Over for 2CH


That’s exactly what happened in Melbourne when 3KZ converted from AM to FM, admittedly 27 years ago.

The first survey after going FM they went to number one. Then they started fiddling with the format to make it sound more “FM”. Fewer oldies, heavier AC tracks and ocker sounding announcers. Instead of sticking with the original format.

Huge mistake. They lost many of their original listeners who had embraced the change to FM. And it never garnered a new audience. Unsurprisingly.

Ratings plummeted. Eventually, after a few failed attempts at relaunching, they moved to the oldies format as Gold 104.3


I’ve noticed that during the Breakfast and Drive shows on 2Ch they broadcast the same full length 2gb Macquarie National news bulletins but during other hours of the day 2cH broadcasts the National prefeed Macquarie national news Bulletins


I suppose there’s no need anymore for MML to go out of their way for separate designated 2CH news bulletins.


This weekend 2Ch are having a One-hit Wonders weekend.


Mardi Cole will be filling in for Gareth McCray on Easter Friday Easter Saturday and Easter Monday on 2Chmardi Cole ill be filling in for Gareth McCray on 2Ch on Easter Friday Easter Saturday and Easter Monday


Its great how they are promoting dab stereo in 2ch. Reminds me of the 80s. Am stereo days.


And 2CH is the best sounding station on digital.

In Sydney at least - you have not heard how good digital radio is until you tune to 2CH.


How is the station going music and announcer wise?


Musically, I’d probably say not too dissimilar to what 2CH sounded like maybe a decade or so ago judging by what I heard (1st time I’ve listened since the changeover) last night. Certainly living up to the branding/positioning promise of “Easy Classics”!

Announcer wise, I don’t think there’s been many changes not so far. Johnny Young and Kel Richards are still at the station, and of course Bob Rogers is probably still doing his weekday morning shift.


When will 2cH stop broadcasting radio announcers from Melbourne? They are still Broadcasting Andrew McClaren over night Chris miller is doing weekend mornings while Dave Ferguson is doing weekend Afternoons.


When will 2ch move out of the Macquarie Media building?


Initial reports said they wanted to move within 3 months, so that would take it to 19 April.
However I suspect it will be longer than that - 3 months is a very short time to find a suitable office building, fit it out and move in, let alone build studios and install all the tech, particularly as being a small company they will have to outsource a lot of the work.

For comparison, the fit out of SCA Adelaide took 6 months and the technical part of the fitout of SCA Wagga took 7 weeks after the main fitout was finished.


They wont be allowed to stay there? Thats a condition ? Are Nova and Smooth in the vicinity ?Its nice for them to move out but if they are paying the rent to Macquarie media does it matter?


Not sure if they’re forced to move out or not but it was the new bosses who announced on taking over that they wanted to be out of there within 3 months. It would also be a tick in the box for ACMA who want to see as many ties cut as possible between Macquarie and 2CH


Not sure if I can say the exact timeline, radioengineer would have to say, but from what I’ve been told it won’t be any time this year.

Nova & Smooth are upstairs (2 floors up), from 2GB/2UE/2CH. I don’t know if there’s any vacant floors in between that 2CH could move into?

Macquarie are looking after the engineering for 2CH for now, but AFAIK that’s as far as the Macquarie link goes.

Ideally 2CH & 2UE should’ve just swapped studios, then 2CH would’ve been totally independent from day one, with studios at Greenwich. Macquarie might of got more money for the sale too, but they were too cocky & thought ACMA would let them keep 3 stations (cause the rules don’t apply for them).


Odd though the new website shows 2CH is still using the Macquarie main phone number, fax and GPO Box.


Once 2CH becomes totally independent will that mean they will stop networking programs from Melbourne and get some more local Radio Anouncers on the station?



Also, I wonder if 2CH will continue running Macquarie National News? If they were to really sever all ties with MRN, you’d think 2CH would consider take someone else’s news (I’d really like to say re-establishing their own, but that seems rather unlikely IMO).


Who else’s news would 2Ch take if they were to sever all ties with Macquarie Media? they have been taking the 2GB Macquarie national news Bulletin’s during the breakfast and drive show but during other times of the day they have been taking the National Prefeed Macquarie National news bulletin’s.