24: Legacy

Did anyone else watch the first episode? Thoughts?

As a fan of 24 since the beginning (and absolutely loved the Live Another Day reboot) I found it hard to get into this first episode due to the lack of connection/characters to any previous seasons. If the plan was to start a fresh with new characters and cast then it should have been that way and not include the same settings and type of characters that the show has always been based on (with presidents/CTU etc).

One thing that was bugging me the entire episode was because it’s been so long between seasons I felt confused about if any of these characters had made an appearance on the show before. Like that red haired lady who referred to herself as previously running CTU got me questioning if she was on a previous season as the head of CTU as she seemed familiar. Apparently though she hasn’t been on it before and it’s Lord of the Rings that I remember her from. She ran CTU in a telemovie (or web movie?) that aired prior to this… so if you hadn’t seen this I thought it was a bit strange and it would only confuse viewers I think.

Other than that the pace of the show and suspense was on par with previous seasons. I have read of at least 1 older character making a return at some point so hopefully that happens soon or I’m not sure if it will sustain my interest.

She, Miranda Otto, also featured in a similar type role in season 5 of Homeland, which is where my mind kept going back to. Didn’t mind the show though, wasn’t the biggest fan of Jack’s character, so it felt fresh and new. Will catch the rest when it comes onto Netflix or Stan.

One of the characters is Edgar’s cousin, what more connection do you want?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Fox has axed 24: Legacy after one season, however it is in discussions with producers, possibly bringing the 24 franchise back as an anthology series.

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