2024 Ratings predictions

Post your predictions for ratings in 2024.

The 2024 OzTAM Calendar has been released. The year commences Sunday 31 December 2023 and will run for 52 weeks until Saturday 28 December.

The ratings survey period will start in week 7 on 11 February and run until 30 November with the Easter break running 24 March - 6 April.

And a reminder that 2024 is an Olympic year.


Nine will win thanks to sport including Olympics, Australian Open etc


2024 Ratings predictions

2024 is the year when Nine’s 9-year Olympic journey starts. The Paris Olympics, Paralympics will help Nine win the official ratings year. However, I think that Channel 7 will struggle in 2024, though the AFL will help save them from ratings embarrassment.


Nine’s to lose in 2024. Only the AFL Grand Final is the major sporting event on 7 next year

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Nine’s sports slate in the new year is basically what 7 had in 2016 - Melbourne Cup Carnival, Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games and Australian Open. Throw in flagship shows The Block and MAFS and I cannot see anyone challenging Nine for the 2024 ratings crown.

Today will edge out Sunrise in the ratings for brekky TV with Today broadcasting from France during the Olympics and most likely at Flemington for Cup Week.


I think Seven’s decision not to bid for the Olympic Games rights will bite them back in the bum. 2024 will be the start of a 9-year ratings pain for the network, culminating with Brisbane 2032. Seven may have AFL and home cricket rights to 2031, but will be outrated by Nine in general programming. I think The Block and MAFS will continue right through to 2032.

Nine News will just beat Seven News in Melbourne in 2024, thanks to the new presenting duo of Alicia Loxley and Tom Steinfort, as well as Tipping Point.


My first daily predictions for 2024!

Monday January 1
BBL: Heat v Sixers 0.35m

United Cup night session 0.23m

Thank God You’re Here Rpt 0.15m

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1 Jan 2024

BBL: Sixers v Heat - 350k
United Cup - 200k
Thank God Youre Here rpt: 140k

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It will be like 2002-2006 but worse for 7. By not having either the Olympics or Melbourne Cup this year will hurt their schedule with no sport outside the AFL or Cricket


When 7 lost the AFL to 10/9/Fox Footy 1.0 from 2002-2006, it affected their ratings but their sport offerings had the Olympics, Melbourne Cup, Rugby and Tennis which are not on the network this year.

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Tuesday January 2
BBL: Stars v Renegades 0.34m ← but will be affected by rain

Travel Guides Rpt 0.49m
Movie: Gladiator Rpt 0.23m

Thank God You’re Here Rpt 0.14m

Wednesday January 3
Australia v Pakistan: third test
session 1: 0.34m, session 2: 0.46m, session 3: 0.56m
BBL: Sixers v Heat 0.36m
BBL: Scorchers v Strikers 0.29m

United Cup night session 0.29m

Thank God You’re Here Rpt 0.15m

Thursday January 4
Australia v Pakistan: third test
session 1: 0.41m, session 2: 0.43m, session 3: 0.54m
BBL: Renegades v Hurricanes 0.29m

Thank God You’re Here Rpt 0.16m
Movie: Mean Girls Rpt 87,000

Friday January 5
Australia v Pakistan: third test
session 1: 0.39m, session 2: 0.44m, session 3: 0.51m
Better Homes and Gardens Summer 0.36m
Movie: Father Stu premiere 0.25m

For the Love of Pets 0.31m
Movie: The Next Three Days Rpt 0.24m

Movie: War of the Worlds 0.22m

Saturday January 6
Australia v Pakistan: third test
session 1: 0.43m, session 2: 0.54m
Movie: Grown Ups Rpt 0.29m
Movie: Never Been Kissed Rpt 0.18m

United Cup semi final: Australia v Germany 0.31m (night) / 0.28m (late)
Brisbane International semi finals (9GO!) 85,000

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That’s a pretty big bold prediction. Who knows what the landscape’s going to be like by 2032.


I believe both shows will continue to 2032 as long as the public embraces them. The only thing that will lead to their axing is cost.


Hopefully the public stops embracing these types of shows
That will get them axed real quick


Gladiators will flop hard


Sunday January 7
United Cup final: Poland v Germany 0.28m (night) / 0.24m (late)

The Graham Norton Show NYE special 0.16m
Movie: The Lost City premiere 0.19m

BBL: Heat v Hurricanes 0.32m

Monday January 8
Home and Away season premiere 0.51m
BBL: Thunder v Scorchers 0.33m

Planet Earth III 0.32m
Australian Crime Stories Rpt 0.25m

Movie: Jack Reacher Rpt 0.26m
Movie: A Quiet Place II premiere 0.11m

Tuesday January 9
Home and Away 0.39m
BBL: Strikers v Hurricanes 0.30m

Planet Earth III season finale 0.33m
Movie: Honest Thief premiere 0.25m

Movie: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Rpt 0.21m
Movie: Capone Rpt 84,000

Wednesday January 10
Home and Away 0.38m
BBL: Heat v Scorchers 0.34m

Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo 0.33m
Clarkson’s Farm 0.25m

Movie: Meet the Parents Rpt 0.21m
Movie: Meet the Fockers Rpt 81,000

Thursday January 11
Home and Away 0.39m
BBL: Hurricanes v Strikers 0.29m

A Night with Novak and Friends 0.32m

The Dog House Australia Rpt 0.22m
Movie: On the Line: The Richard Williams Story premiere 65,000

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Sunday January 14
Australian Open day 1 day session 0.34m
Australian Open day 1 night session 0.54m / 0.38m

Movie: Top Gun: Maverick premiere 0.28m

BBL: Thunder v Strikers 0.31m

Monday January 15
Australian Open day 2 day session 0.23m
Australian Open day 2 night session 0.56m / 0.33m

BBL: Stars v Hurricanes 0.29m

Gladiators series premiere 0.27m

Tuesday January 16
Australian Open day 3 night session 0.22m
Australian Open day 3 night session 0.65m / 0.43m

Gladiators 0.28m

Home and Away 0.4m
BBL: Scorchers v Stars 0.33m

Wednesday January 17
Australia v West Indies: first test
session 1: 0.34m, session 2: 0.43m, session 3: 0.51m
BBL: Thunder v Renegades 0.28m

Australian Open day 4 day session 0.22m
Australian Open day 4 night session 0.65m / 0.47m

Gladiators 0.19m
FBI International season premiere 0.14m / 83,000

Thursday January 18
Australian Open day 5 day session 0.19m
Australian Open day 5 night session 0.65m / 0.42m

Australia v West Indies: first test
session 1: 0.35m, session 2: 0.38m, session 3: 0.42m
Home and Away 0.38m
Animals Aboard with Dr Harry 0.29m
Movie: The Sapphires Rpt 0.18m
Movie: The Eyes of Tammy Faye premiere 85,000

Gladiators 0.22m
AFC Asian Cup: Australia v Syria 0.16m

Friday January 19
Australia v West Indies: first test session 1 0.29m
BBL finals: Qualifier: Heat v Sixers 0.35m

Gladiators 0.17m
The Graham Norton Show 0.15m

Australian Open day 6 day session 0.25m
Australian Open day 6 night session 0.59m / 0.43m

Saturday January 20
Australian Open day 7 day session 0.26m
Australian Open day 7 night session 0.49m / 0.37m

BBL finals: Eliminator: Scorchers v Strikers 0.33m

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14 January 2024
Australian Open

Aus Open Day Session — 289k
Aus Open Night Session — 430k/330k

Bbl: Thunder vs Strikers— 303k

Movie: top gun maverick — 246k

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Sunday 14 January 2024:

Aus Open - Afternoon - 250k
Aus Open - Night - 525k

Top Gun Maverick: 245k

Muster Dogs - 300k
Total Control (S2 Premier) - 230k

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Sunday January 21
Australian Open day 8 day session 0.24m
Australian Open day 8 night session 0.52m / 0.43m / 0.25m

7News Spotlight Summer 0.33m
Border Security 0.27m
Movie: Mamma Mia Rpt 0.19m

Gladiators 0.16m

Monday January 22
Australian Open day 9 day session 0.19m
Australian Open day 9 night session 0.55m / 0.38m

BBL finals: Challenger: Heat v Strikers 0.33m

Gladiators 0.18m

Tuesday January 23
Australian Open day 10 day session 0.23m
Australian Open day 10 night session 0.64m / 0.45m

The 1% Club Rpt 0.43m
Movie: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Rpt 0.18m

Gladiators 0.17m

Wednesday January 24
Australian Open day 11 day session 0.22m
Australian Open day 11 night session 0.52m / 0.33m

BBL final: Sixers v Heat 0.35m

Gladiators 0.16m

Thursday January 25
Australian Open day 12 day session 0.18m
Australian Open day 12 night session 0.54m / 0.39m

Australia v West Indies: second test
session 1: 0.23m, session 2: 0.36m, session 3: 0.55m

Gladiators 0.18m

Friday January 26
Australian Open day 13 day session 0.34m
Australian Open day 13 night session 0.51m

Australia v West Indies: second test
session 1: 0.29m, session 2: 0.41m, session 3: 0.43m

Gladiators 0.15m
The Graham Norton Show 84,000

Saturday January 27
Women’s Twenty20: Australia v South Africa 0.23m
Australia v West Indies: second test
session 1: 0.34m, session 2: 0.42m, session 3: 0.41m

Australian Open women’s singles final 0.56m
Australian Open women’s singles final post-match presentation 0.47m
Australian Open men’s doubles final 0.32m

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