2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games Coverage

Seven reports Vanessa Amorosi, Taylor Henderson and Baker Boy will perform in the 15-minute segment representing Victoria in Monday night’s closing ceremony.

EDIT: here is the report.

EDIT 2: Victorian Government press release revealing participants in the Victorian segment in the closing ceremony


Interesting choices…

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Can we watch the press conference from Vic 26? No time stated


Vanessa Amorisi also performed during the closing ceremony of the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. Then-Victorian premier Steve Bracks was also there to address the crowd inviting them to Melbourne for the 2006 Games.

Makes me wonder if current Premier Daniel Andrews is also on his way to Birmingham too.


Currently that handover, is scheduled to be shown on 7Mate. On Seven Sunrise is taking priority. Will Sunrise be interrupted for the handover or with a delayed version be shown on the main channel?


I’d say it would be shown on a few minutes delay. They would know when now and will schedule that into the show.

Bruce’s call of the 1500m with Olly Hoare winning gold was tremendous. One of Bruce’s finest calls. This proves categorically that being at the venue to call live is far better than anything that can be dished via monitor. The atmosphere, the clarity and the spontaneity that comes responding to the crowd is far superior.

Basil’s calls from the swimming packed all of that and thus there was nothing memorable despite the tremendous performances.

Networks need to get back to calling from venues live for major sporting events.


Anything Bruce touches turns to Gold, quite literally in some cases for Australia.


Wonder why they changed the channels up compared to last Sunday? Last week 7Two had regular programs, while Commonwealth Games on 7 and 7mate and Harry Potter on 7flix. 7Two did okay, while HP moving to 7flix did very well and one of that channel’s best Sundays.
Tonight is the same after MKR from 8:45pm, however Comm Games is on 7Two (in standard def) instead of 7mate while HP returned to there and there’s other movies on 7flix. You’ll probably see 7Two’s share go up, but 7mate and definitely 7flix’s go down. @TV.Cynic

I hope Bruce continues beyond 2024 when his contract is up


This video showing the excitement of everyone involved is great. Also has maybe the English commentary? mentioning how excited Bruce was


A lot of these came through the IBC in the city anyway. You have to pay extra - beyond rights - for a spot at the sport venue which last I heard was thousands of dollars per session.

As soon as the technology was able to mitigate that, and save on ten thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

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Seven going with the Women’s LJ Final saying its live. Bullshit Seven- Brooke already finished and got silver :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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1000 gold medals!!!


Sunrise crossed live to the final seconds of the Diamond’s win for Australia’s 1000th Gold.

The Sunrise live bug can be seen in cap 3. Seemed to integrate well.




7.00pm Diving: Mixed synchronised events – in both 3m and 10m – make their debut on the final day of the Games. Australia will feature two pairs in each event: Anabelle Smith and Domonic Bedggood and Li Shixin and Maddison Keeney in the 3m, while Emily Boyd and Cassiel Rosseau and Melissa Wu and Domonic Bedggood will contest the 10m.

7.00pm Squash: The women’s double plate final will see Australia’s Alex Haydon and Jess Turnbull vie for gold against Pakistan’s Faiza Zafar and Amna Fayyaz.

7.10pm Table Tennis: Australia’s Minhyung Jee & Fang Lay take on Singapore’s Tianwei Feng and Jian Zeng in the women’s gold medal match.

9.30pm Hockey: The Kookaburras arrive at their final stop on the Commonwealth Games calendar, taking on India in the men’s gold medal match.


5.00am Closing Ceremony: Annie Williams, Matt Shirvington and Emma Freedman take us live to Birmingham for all the colour and excitement of the Closing Ceremony of the XXII Commonwealth Games. To mark 11 days of competition coming to a close, the David Dixon Award will be presented to the most outstanding athlete of the Games.

*All times AEST


So I assume Abbey Gelmi isn’t returning for the Games?

A source from within Seven (works out of the Eveleigh HQ) confirms she was removed from the coverage because her and Hamish were not working well together. The “unwell” line was just a ruse.


Sounds weird. Why put them together in the first place then?

Wasn’t this also the case during the Tokyo coverage last year as well? So I have no idea why they’d bother putting them together again.