2021 Western Australia State Election - Media Coverage

ABC News

8:30pm AEDT ABC News: WA Votes
The day’s top stories and the latest news and information in the final 30 minutes before polls
close in the WA State Election.

9:00pm AEDT WA Votes: Election Night Live
Fast, accurate and reliable results and analysis with Jane Norman, Antony Green and Jacob Kagi.
Will Mark McGowan be re-elected or will Zak Kirkup claim victory less than four months after
becoming Opposition Leader?

11:00pm AEDT WA Votes: Election Results Live
Jane Norman is joined by ABC Chief Election Analyst Antony Green and Jacob Kagi for comprehensive
live coverage of WA Votes. With analysis from a panel including Michelle Roberts and Mike Nehan.


Who is that? I think the spelling is wrong.

What date is the election?

Saturday 13 March


Of course I know who he is. Point I was trying to make that I know a Mike Nahan but not a Mike Nehan


Mike Nahan is my local MP and the outgoing member of Riverton

I understand your point.

ABC Main Channel Western Australia

Coverage starts at 7:00 pm local time.


The ABC coverage is really pretty poor form. Norman is a nobody and has no current day to day experience of WA politics. I get Antony not wanting to risk the travel but keep him in Sydney and get a local presenter, or someone from ABC Radio Perth to do it. Heck, even a proper national figure like Michael Rowland would be at least fitting of the occasion.


It was decided bringing (Norman and Green) as well as related technical and support staff to Perth 15 days before election day – avoiding the prospect they would be in self-isolation on March 13 – was judged to be too expensive.

Can WA Health Department provide COVID-19 exemptions for these people so they can fly to WA on election week?

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Seven and Nine should take advantage of this and provide 100% local coverage.


You can tell who the West Australian has a media association with though:

Localism is absolutely important but this is hardly impartial reporting.


How can you suggest Rowland should present when the exact same criticism you used to argue Norman shouldn’t be presenting equally applies to him?


Because he’s at least a national figure who’s anchored state election broadcasts before. His seniority and profile is more fitting of the occasion. Kerry O’Brien used to do them.

I don’t know any of the ABC Perth radio hosts, but would any of them be suitable?

Adam Shirley who does ABC Canberra breakfast moderated the ACT election leaders debate and was involved in the television coverage. He did a great job.

Yeesh. I remember The West Australian’s reporting of Basil Zempilas’ run for Lord Mayor, where they addressed him as “Baz” on the front cover, the nickname his colleagues at Seven call him by. Thought that was odd.

It’s rather concerning how common the subtle hints of favouritism to Seven there are in reports.

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The WA opposition leader has already given his concession speech in The West Australian.

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There’s something you don’t see every day. It was obvious to everyone that they didn’t stand a chance but to actually come out and say it two weeks before the election is surprising.

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