2019 Ratings Predictions

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1 Jan 2019
Seven will kick of 2019 with a beauty thanks to BBL.
BBL - Stars v Renegades - 655k
Hopman Cup - 285k
Ambulance Australia rpt - 324k

Big Bash double header today right? But I assume only primetime is on seven?

The Brisbane Heat vs Sydney Sixers are also on Seven.


Thanks. I didn’t realise that.

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Wednesday January 2
BBL: Thunder v Scorchers session 1: 0.54m, session 2: 0.56m

Young Sheldon rpt 0.39m / 0.41m (except Perth)
20 to One rpt 0.27m
Movie: Friends with Benefits rpt 0.18m (except Perth)

Jamie & The Nonnas 0.27m
Law & Order: SVU new 0.25m

Thursday January 3
Australia v India, fourth test
session 1: 0.44m, session 2: 0.53m, session 3: 0.59m
BBL: Renegades v Strikers session 1: 0.51m, session 2: 0.52m

Great Getaways 0.39m (except Perth)
Travel Guides rpt 0.35m
Movie: The Hangover rpt 0.28m (except Perth)

Territory Cops rpt 0.25m / 0.24m
Movie: Now You See Me 2 rpt 0.23m

could a mod please put this into a POLL

Out of curiosity, which do you think provides the best ‘leg up’ for Q1 programming?

-Summer of cricket (now on Seven)
-Summer of tennis (now on Nine)

NB/ Also consider: cricket has 5 tests over a couple of months, each for max 5 afternoons with 1 including prime time; plus BBL prime time on many nights. Tennis has prime time tournaments in January with a grand slam of 14 consecutive prime times incl final on night before Q1 traditionally starts.

I’m intrigued as the Aus Open was said by Seven to be the best platform and I guess MKR’s ratings helped show that to an extent and Nine this year also admitted that. But to me cricket, with its bigger broadcast hours in total could be argued to be more premium.

Friday January 4
Australia v India: fourth test
session 1: 0.39m, session 2: 0.46m, session 3: 0.55m
BBL: Hurricanes v Sixers session 1 0.52m, session 2: 0.55m
Better Homes and Gardens Summer (7TWO / 7 Perth) 0.22m

RBT rpt 0.36m
Movie: Point Break rpt 0.28m

The Living Room rpt 0.39m

Saturday January 5
Australia v India: fourth test
session 1: 0.42m, session 2: 0.53m, session 3: 0.64m
Movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory rpt 0.45m
Movie: We Bought a Zoo rpt 0.34m

Hopman Cup final: Germany v Switzerland 0.33m

Monday January 7
Australia v India: fourth test 0.34m
BBL: Renegades v Hurricanes 0.54m / 0.58m

Fast 4 tennis (Nine / 9Gem) 0.36m

Ambulance Australia rpt 0.26m
Movie: Muriel’s Wedding rpt 0.27m

Sunday January 13
It will be a very competitive night with the new season of I’m a Celebrity against live BBL. Seven should win the night especially with the late BBL game in Perth.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here season premiere - opening night 1.13m, welcome to the jungle 1.04m

BBL: Renegades v Heat session 1: 0.54m, session 2: 0.59m
BBL: Scorchers v Sixers session 1: 0.57m, session 2: 0.43m

60 Minutes 0.55m
Blue Planet II rpt 0.48m
Movie: Firewall rpt 0.28m

I’m A Celebrity welcome: 950k
Bulk of show: 775k

800k for bulk
Welcome 900k

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Monday January 14
Nine will dominate day and night with its first ever Australian Open telecast. I think there will be some first-time viewers curious to see how Nine will cover the first Grand Slam tournament of the year. However, the new-look Today will narrowly lose to Sunrise.

Today (7am-9am) 0.28m
Australian Open 2019:
early 0.33m
late afternoon 0.55m
early evening 0.65m (Nine), 0.33m (9Gem)
late evening 0.55m (Nine), 0.25m (9Gem)

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 0.64m
Murphy Brown 0.28m / 0.24m

Sunrise (7am-9am) 0.31m
BBL: Stars v Hurricanes session 1: 0.42m, session 2: 0.45m

Tuesday January 15
I’m a Celebrity should continue its good run, while MKR 10th anniversary special will be a flop in the absence of live cricket.

Australian Open 2019:
day 2 0.31m
night 2 0.37m (Nine), 0.14m (9Gem)
night 2 late 0.35m (Nine), 0.11m (9Gem)

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 0.78m
NCIS: Los Angeles 0.28m

The Force rpt 0.53m
My Kitchen Rules 10th anniversary special premiere 0.44m
Movie: 27 Dresses rpt 0.25m


Nine will dominate again…

Aus Open prime time: 675k

I’m A Celebrity: 750k

MKR 10 year special: 475k

Got my predictions pretty close, except for MKR which did worse than I imagined.


Nine will once again dominate…

Aus Open prime time: 750k (aussie de Minaur, could be higher if a great match)

I’m A Celebrity: 675k

BBL cricket: 475k

Wednesday January 16
Nine will win the night easily. Seven desperately needs the BBL to boost its ratings.

Australian Open 2019:
day 3 0.33m
night 3 0.64m (Nine), 0.16m (9Gem)
night 3 late 0.33m (Nine)

BBL: Sixers v Renegades session 1: 0.45m, session 2: 0.48m

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 0.72m
Law & Order: SVU new 0.28m

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For the first time and possibly only time this AO, the late session may outrate the night session, with No.1 Djokovic up later (if him and Tsonga put on a clinic ratings will be massive) after Serena Williams’ match who people have gone off. However, Nine will still win the night easily.

I’m A Celebrity: 675k

Aus Open prime time: 540k

BBL: 350k

Thursday January 17
Australian Open 2019:
day 4 0.28m
night 4 0.65m (Nine)
night 4 late 0.41m (Nine)

BBL: Heat v Thunder session 1: 0.38m, session 2: 0.42m

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 0.71m
The Conners 0.25m / 0.21m

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Australia’s best hope Alex de Minaur against one of the greatest ever Rafael Nadal, big night for Nine and nothing on Seven or 10, especially if the Aussie can take him to task…

Aus Open prime time: 900k

BH&G: 475k

The Living Room: 350k

Movie: Titanic: 325k (4 hours! Will help Seven’s share a little)

Movie: Killers: 225k

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