2018 Ratings Predictions

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Monday December 17
Australia v India, second test
session 1: 0.35m, session 2: 0.55m, session 3: 0.74m
God Friended Me 0.48m / 0.35m

RBT rpt 0.39m
Movie: Olympus Has Fallen rpt 0.35m

Ambulance UK rpt 0.38m
Murphy Brown 0.35m / 0.31m

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BBL rated very well for 10, main channel shares in the high teens or sometimes early 20s, but they didn’t have a top rating 6pm news, so should do very good business for Seven. However, some viewers will go to Foxtel, we’ll have to wait and see how many…

BBL season opener - Session 1: 725k
BBL season opener - Session 2: 775k

Young Sheldon: 450k
Jamie and the Nonnas: 375k
Elton John: 350k
Blind Date: 275k

Wednesday December 19
Seven should win the night with the combination of news and BBL.

BBL: Heat v Strikers (Seven + 7mate) session 1: 0.65m, session 2: 0.71m

Young Sheldon new 0.45m
Young Sheldon rpt 0.43m
Elton John: I’m Still Standing rpt 0.36m

Jamie and the Nonnas 0.35m
Blind Date 0.22m

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19 Dec 18
Seven will hit a six with a win thanks to BBL
BBL S1 - 605k
BBLS2 - 666k
Young Sheldon - 505k
Jamie and the Nonnas - 355k
Blind Date - 145k (will be gone immediately)

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Thursday December 20
BBL: Renegades v Scorchers (Seven + 7mate) session 1: 0.65m, session 2: 0.71m

Great Getaways 0.43m
Travel Guides rpt 0.37m
Movie: Four Holidays rpt 0.25m

How to Stay Married season finale 0.27m / 0.31m
The Conners 0.29m

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Sydney vs. Melbourne BBL cricket clash, with most not at work tomorrow and all kids finished for the holidays, especially if a great contest, will spell good ratings for Seven and Fox…

BBL second session: 750k
BBL first session: 725k

Movie: Santa Clause 3: 325k

Friday December 21
BBL: Thunder v Stars session 1: 0.59m, session 2: 0.66m
Better Homes and Gardens Countdown to Christmas (7TWO except WA)

A Legendary Christmas premiere 0.34m
Movie: The Santa Clause 3 rpt 0.38m

Saturday December 22
Little Big Shots US 0.45m
Woolworths Carols in the Domain 0.73m

Movie: Arthur Christmas rpt 0.39m
Movie: Christmas with the Kranks rpt 0.32m

Everyday Gourmet Christmas premiere 0.27m

Woolworths Carols in the Domain: 700k.


Sunday before Christmas, ratings will be low outside of BBL cricket which should get Seven’s highest so far if a good game

BBL session 2: 800k
BBL session 1: 750k
What A Year: 475k
Olaf’s Frozen Adventure: 425k
60 Minutes: 375k
Russell Coight: 350k
Movie: Sister Act (network premiere): 250k

Sunday December 23
BBL: Strikers v Renegades session 1: 0.54m, session 2: 0.63m

What A Year! premiere 0.47m
60 Minutes 0.45m
David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II rpt 0.32m

Olaf’s Frozen Christmas Adventure rpt 0.28m
Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures rpt 0.31m
Movie: Sister Act rpt 0.29m

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Monday December 24
Very interesting Christmas Eve, because for the first time Carols by Candlelight will finally face a major opponent in the BBL. I have been looking forward to this clash since Cricket Australia announced the fixture. Carols will still win in Melbourne but will face a stiff challenge in Sydney and other cities.

Baby It’s Christmas premiere 0.47m
Carols by Candlelight 0.78m

BBL: Thunder v Sixes session 1: 0.54m, session 2: 0.56m

Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures rpt 0.28m
Movie: Elf rpt 0.25m

Christmas Eve

Nine will dominate like every other year

Carols by Candlelight: 1.17m (I think will still win Sydney too)

BBL cricket session 1: 550k
BBL cricket session 2: 475k (during most popular Carol performers)

Movie: Elf: 300k

Wednesday December 26
Seven will dominate day and night with the cricket.

Australia v India: third test
session 1: 0.45m, session 2: 0.53m, session 3: 0.65m
Rolex Sydney to Hobart (7mate) 0.24m
BBL: Scorchers v Strikers session 1: 0.55m, session 2: 0.69m
WBBL: Scorchers v Heat session 1: 0.29m, session 2: 0.14m

Young Sheldon rpt 0.43m / 0.38m
20 to One rpt 0.36m
Movie: Wedding Crashers rpt 0.28m

Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures rpt 0.28m
Jamie and the Nonnas 0.25m
Movie: Father of the Bride rpt 0.24m


26 dec 2018
SEven will score runs thanks to cricket. Meanwhile Channel Ten will go bust during The next 14 days with record low ratings.

Aus v ind - 866k (day 3)
Bbl - 767k
WBBL- 303k
Young Sheldon - 430k
20 to one - 298k
Russel coights - 210k
Jamie and the nonnas. - 175k

Thursday December 27
Australia v India: third test
session 1: 0.57m, session 2: 0.65m, session 3: 0.74m
BBL: Sixers v Stars session 1: 0.54m, session 2: 0.57m

Great Getaways 0.39m
Travel Guides rpt 0.35m
Movie: Rush Hour 3 rpt 0.29m

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Friday December 28
Australia v India: third test
session 1: 0.55m, session 2: 0.63m, session 3: 0.73m
BBL: Hurricanes v Thunder session 1: 0.53m, session 2: 0.55m

RBT 0.45m
Movie: The Next Three Days rpt 0.39m

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Saturday December 29
Australia v India: third test
session 1: 0.45m, session 2: 0.53m, session 3: 0.66m
Movie: The Sound of Music rpt 0.34m

Movie: Top Gun rpt 0.35m
Movie: Beverly Hills Cop rpt 0.28m
Hopman Cup (Nine/9Gem) day session 0.16m, night session 0.23m

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I expect Nine to win the night, but not necessarily because of tennis, but the selection of main channel movies (though old as the hills classic over on Seven might beat them so who knows).

I also think it’ll be barely a modest start for the Hopman Cup, which was the lowest rating of the tournaments last year, but again could be wrong.

Hopman Cup night (9Gem/Ch 9 Perth): 140k

Monday, December 31

8.30pm-9.00pm New Year’s Eve: The Early Show - 600K
9.00pm-9.10pm New Year’s Eve: Family Fireworks - 1.1 million
9.10pm-9.30pm New Year’s Eve with Charlie Pickering - 800K
9.30pm-11.50pm - New Year’s Eve: The Night is Yours concert - 1.9million
11.50pm-12.19am (Jan 1 2019) - New Year’s Eve Midnight Fireworks - 2.4 million

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