2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Opening Ceremony is 2 years away today.

Sunrise today was live from the Gold Coast to announce the mascot for the games - Borobi, the surfing koala.


Looks awful!!

A copy of the Rio Mascot! Bring back Clyde!

I think hes fun! :slightly_smiling:
So Seven have the broadcast rights to the games in 2018?


It’s a bit Pokemon so should be popular with Japanese tourists on the Gold Coast.

People remember Matilda from the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982 but can anyone remember the mascot from Melbourne in 2006?

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I think it was the black cockatoo or something?

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Yep, the Melbourne 2006 mascot was Karak the black cockatoo.
For the 2018 games, Seven could adopt the similar broadcast model for this year’s Rio Olympic Games, given it will clash with the early rounds of the AFL season.

[quote=“JohnsonTV, post:7, topic:1064”]
Yep, the Melbourne 2006 mascot was Karak the black cockatoo.[/quote]
Did you have to google it? I certainly had to.

I still see special licence plates with the Karak mascot on the road from time to time.


:open_mouth: I have never seen one of those.


Those numberplates are nice, lucky a few people I know have them :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to see this in crystal clear standard definition. I’m assuming we will see HD on Seven around late 2017.

Commonwealth Games Minister officially opens Gold Coast 2018 Host Broadcaster HQ

The global headquarters of the Host Broadcaster delivering the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) television broadcast have been officially opened today by the Minister for the Commonwealth Games, the Hon Stirling Hinchliffe MP.

Gold Coast 2018 Host Broadcaster

Key responsibilities
• High Definition, multi-camera television coverage of:
o 11 days of sporting competitions (April 4-15, 2018).
o Opening and Closing ceremonies (the Opening Ceremony also to be produced in 4K Ultra HD).
o 18 sports disciplines: Athletics, Aquatics, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Cycling, Gymnastics, Hockey, Lawn Bowls, Netball, Rugby 7s, Shooting, Squash, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Weightlifting, Wrestling.
o 38 Para sport events across Athletics, Cycling, Lawn Bowls, Powerlifting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Triathlon.
o 21 venues up and down the Gold Coast plus venues in Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville.

• 1,100 hours of live television
• 1,600 hours of video archive material
• Daily media conference coverage
• Daily highlights packages and edited previews
• Games Channel: single channel, fully-produced daily start of competition channel covering best sport-of-the-day
• 6 multi-channels: long-form sport channels including rights-holding broadcaster requested overnight replays of sport, which might not have been able to be scheduled during the day
• 28 outside broadcast vehicles and control rooms
• 360 High Definition cameras
• Multiple sport specific specialty cameras
• 2 four-point wire cameras
• 3 helicopters
• 2 lead vehicle and 5 motorbike-mounted cameras

Commonwealth Games Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said GC2018 would be the biggest televised sporting event in Australia this decade.

“With an expected television audience of 1.5 billion people worldwide, it is vital the broadcast is provided by an organisation with exceptional expertise and experience,” Mr Hinchliffe said.

“I congratulate NEP Australia on the opening of its Host Broadcast operations on the Gold Coast and welcome the opportunities they will provide, including valuable work-experience and training for university students, and jobs for local industry professionals.

“This is a great example of a unique industry coming to Queensland because of the Games and I am delighted their team will call the Gold Coast home for the next two years.”

GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie AC added his congratulations to NEP Australia.

“This office opening represents a very tangible legacy for the Gold Coast and Queensland that is a direct outcome of the Games.

“There is the very obvious economic benefit of the many NEP staff relocating to the city in the lead up to and duration of the Games, but importantly the expertise they impart to students will enable them to kick start their careers with skills gained working amongst the world’s greatest multi-sport global broadcasters.

“We look forward to sharing the exciting journey towards 2018 with the NEP Australia team,” Mr Beattie said.

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So Seven will not only be the local broadcaster, but also joint host broadcaster with NEP. IIRC when the Games were held in Melbourne in 2006, Nine was not host broadcaster.
How many of us will get to see the opening ceremony in 4K though? Will it only be available to countries like Canada, New Zealand and UK but not Australia? Or will Seven make it a one-off 4K trial broadcast?

So the only way we will see HD is via paying for it ?

i worked in the media centre of Melbourne 2006 and one of the tings we had in our little room was a monitor that received all the feeds. if i could get that again it would be awesome. i’d even pay for that.

no talking heads, just straight up sport.


Do any major broadcasters around the world currently provide 4K services? I suppose that a 4K trial broadcast for the Opening Ceremony might be possible, but it’s probably unlikely that many people will get to see it.

At this stage, it’s probably still far too early to say whether any countries will get to see the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in 4K.

April 2018 (when the Commonwealth Games will be held) is still a long way off, anything can happen between now and then…

IIRC, NHK in Japan have done 4K trials in the past, including the 2012 Olympics in London. They’re now working on an 8K broadcasting standard.


Yes but Rio is in August and nothing has been announced by 7 about HD . Unless I missed something.

Just realised I meant Rio not the 2018 games.

They’ll be doing 8K trials at Rio.
NBC will broadcast select events in 4k