10 Pilot Week 2020

10 still persisting with this disaster of an experiment?


Why is it a disaster?

Networks always shoot pilots of TV shows. What’s wrong with gathering them together and testing them out on screen?


There hasn’t been a successful program out of it yet and ratings for all pilots were not good.

In my opinion it shouldn’t be put on their main channel though. The experiment is a great idea. But it should be online or on a multi. They are setting it up for disaster in my opinion by placing it on the main channel.


More a reflection of the state of the industry than the quality of the work. What have Ten had that has been successful outside of these? The Masked Singer which was hugely expensive to acquire. What else?

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Pilot Week may have not been successful in 2019, but am glad, in a way, that Pilot Week is returning in 2020. And is more focused on “scripted shows”. It’s something the 3 commercial stations have been lacking of late. And does go against the tired reality formats.

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I think it’s a good stunt.

They will never put million dollar aquired reality formats in pilot week - but it’s a good way to get some buzz and eyeballs to the network and new shows

Also a good way to get producers and studios to pitch formats

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While the idea certainly has merit, after the rather lacklustre ratings for most titles during the previous two years of this experiement I’m surprised that Ten is doing a Pilot Week in 2020.

Hopefully this year will bring some half decent ideas to the table, although I certainly won’t be holding my breath!

10 has been forced to call off its third Pilot Week due to the production shutdown caused by coronavirus impact.

The third week of new originals was due in coming months, although no dates had been set.

A Network 10 spokesperson said: “At this stage we are unable to include Pilot Week 2020 in our program schedule due to the impacts that COVID-19 has had on production companies.

“We are extremely proud of the success Pilot Week has achieved and we hope to bring many more entertaining, innovative and groundbreaking pilots to viewers in 2021.”

No major loss. None of the shows trialled during Pilot Week in 2018 or 2019 were any good IMO.

I’d say it could be a big loss to all those creatives, writers, production companies, actors, talent, crew, post production etc. Especially at this time when local shows have never been more important.

Sure, they’ve had some questionable choices in the past - but we’ve been surprised what people would watch before so they have to try something different right? Think HYBPA, Gogglebox etc.

There are plenty of web series or pilots floating about out there that they could’ve adapted Pilot Week this year to run on 10 play or over on Peach something along those lines, give them an opportunity to be seen and be promoted.

IMO Taboo, Drunk History and Kinne Tonight were all very worthy of season orders from 10 from 2018. I could’ve done without Trial By Kyle and Rove’s show personally.

Last year was a bit of a fizzle, but they were/are crazy not to give Part Time Private Eyes the green light. I would’ve loved to have seen a series of Catfish Australia too, if it could’ve gone ahead.

Oh well, there’s always next year.


Well, nobody asked you. FYI, this would be one of those times when a comment wasn’t necessary. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I don’t get why they didn’t do this show. It would have paired well with How to Stay Married.

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Fair point, but aside from my opinion on the content I don’t recall the ratings for any pilots during “Pilot Week” being that good.

The choice of titles commissioned last year were especially bizarre - no pilot centred around Angie Kent and/or Yvie Jones (which you’d think would’ve been a no brainer for Ten, who last year would’ve been wanting to build them up as major new personalities for the network) yet we had Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians and before the decision was made not to go ahead with it, Catfish Australia?!

Wasn’t that one very similar in format to “You Can’t Ask That” on the ABC?

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Not at all.

Taboo featured Harley Breen spending time with people who are disabled, terminally ill, victims of racism and those living with mental illness. He then turned their misfortune or unique situations into a comedy routine which he performs before them and a crowd of family, friends and the public.spends time

You Can’t Ask That features controversial questions (sourced from the general public) to a group of the Australian population. The show aims to offer insight into the lives of marginalised communities and break down stereotypes while answering the questions people are afraid to ask.

Are you from Serious?

Angie Kent has been on just about every reality show that Ten has going: The Bachelorette, I’m A Celeb, Dancing With The Stars. I’m sure she’ll turn up on masterchef and Survivor next. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: To say viewers have suffered Angie Kent fatigue is an understatement. Notice how she was one of the first booted off DWTS.

Yvie Jones was a non-stop guest on Studio 10 and other 10 shows.

If you think you viewers want to see another reality show with these two, then you’re nuts.

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Shocked to see a bad take from you SCTV, so out of character.

I actually don’t want to see another reality show with Kent & Jones, but rather a new format which builds on the reason they were originally appealing to viewers in the first place - their personalities we saw on Gogglebox.

Something like this probably wouldn’t be to everyone’s tastes but as I’ve suggested before, a laid back talk program with an “in the backyard with wine” type setting + featuring celebrity guests. While such a format probably wouldn’t need Angie & Yvie to work, I do think it’s something that would really suit them.

Sorry that you (and a few others, it seems) feel that way although try as I may to avoid them, occasionally there’ll be times when nobody agrees with me.

If a year off results in better quality pilots than the ones Ten trialed the last two years, then I’m all for it. The usually franchise-heavy August/September was probably the wrong time of year for Pilot Week as well, probably should’ve been on during Summer when people might actually be looking for something to watch as an alternative to Sport on the other two commercial networks.