Wollongong Radio

I wonder why 22 songs?

Advertising it as “96 minutes of non stop music” would be more meaningful.


One problem with that is that the music log on Wave FM is also shared on other ARN Regional stations which don’t necessarily broadcast on around the 96 MHz frequency. For example, 94.9 Power FM just down the road has a “20 Song Marathon” at the same time, which is two songs less than Wave’s, but still…

I would think they would just need to move the ad breaks around to fit, as they don’t play the songs at exactly the same time (in my experience).


Correct - easily done in Zetta too.

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ABC Illawarra’s stereo pilot is now back on again.


WaveFM CD Barry Keohane has got some good tactics & promos running in comparison to the number one i98.

Meanwhile, looking at i98, they have:

Unfortunately, WaveFM still need a LOT of work with their current music situation. They’ve got the right positioner, but I would skew a little more towards targeting the older market (becoming much more similar to Star104.5).


Unfortunately while the one playlist fits all markets approach stays in place Wave fm won’t be able to compete affectively with i98.
If ARN allowed Wave fm to have their own logs and program to that market they may rate better. Basically they are going into a boxing match with one arm tied behind their back.

BTW does anyone know what is going on with the proposed 2ST Kiama translator on 88.5mhz at Saddleback Mountain.

ACMA made the frequency available but the licence hasn’t been granted. I wonder with the ARN takeover it has been put on the back burner???


Is it just me, the reception of 102.9 2ST seems to be getting weaker and weaker?

Now struggling to receive it on the car radio except for the good spots.
I have had a new wall socket installed f connector for the tv / fm dx setup which has improved reception considerably for everything else but still no hint of 2ST. It is either the noise floor or Triple M Newcastle.

I wonder when the new transmitter will be installed so they can return to full power.
Let us know if you hear anything @RFBurns


Not sure, from what I was told it shouldn’t be too much longer before install & sounded like the transmitter was on it’s last legs, so maybe it is getting weaker?

I haven’t been told but ARN might be awaiting shipment of a new Nautel VX Series transmitter for 102.9 2ST which I believe a big shipment of them for various parts around the world are about to leave the factory?

Highland FM 107.1 have just installed one of the brand new (just released) Nautel VX series transmitters, a VX 600 & it’s the first of the VX model to go to air in Australia, maybe ARN are waiting on theirs arriving?


The activation of their RDS would have been when their new transmitter went live.


The VX’s are ugly looking things compared to their previous models!

Aren’t most transmiiters ugly looking things? I’ve never seen a beauty contest for one.

I quite like them, I have seen them in the flesh, seen inside them & touched one, they are very easy to work on/repair if needed & personally I like the look much better than the VS Series.

VS Series only had 3 power levels too, 300W (more or less just an exciter), 1kW & 2.5kW, the new VX Series have 11 power levels in rack mount from 150W to 6kW. The VX up to 2kW uses less space than the 1kW VS, & the 3-6kW VX’s only use 1RU more space than the 2.5kW VS.

To be honest, the VS & VX might work similarly, but as for ease of use, repair & redundancy the VX crap all over the VS & I’d take a VX over a VS every day of the week.


Is this the one?



Only a radio nerd like me would ask this. I hear on 2ST 102.9 something about Robertson on an ad for the Ian Holland’s breakfast show (local on 102.9 Highlands), now question, would the reception at Robertson on 91.7 FM be better than 102.9 FM? What would the normal non-radio nerd tune into with the best reception for 2ST?