Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST)


And what about SBS Viceland and SBS Food Network?


VAST is a Australian TV service that allows people across the world to watch Australian TV channels without the need of anything. But what’s the current problem with this? No, not the “missing and unnecessary channels” thing, but the regional news channels!

Well, the Southern Cross News update channel has been currently showing Nine News Regional updates, and that’s drunk!

Well, I found a way to fix it:

LCN moving:

LCN 401-409 WIN News as usual

LCN 411 Southern Cross News Tasmania/SA, plus Nine News Tasmania updates (no Central updates due to the former 410 airing them on non-purpose)

LCN 412-414 Seven Local News as usual

LCN 416-418 NBN News as usual

LCN 419-421 Prime7 Local News as usual

New channels:

LCN 410 WIN News updates from Mildura, Northern NSW, Eastern South Australia and Mackay

Former LCN 410 axed

LCN 415 Seven News Queensland (statewide) bulletins

LCN 422 Prime7 News at 6:30pm bulletins

LCN 423 Nine News/Seven News Gold Coast 5:30 bulletins

LCN 424 Nine News Townsville and Cairns bulletins

LCN 425 Nine News Rockhampton bulletins

LCN 426 Nine News Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba bulletins

LCN 427 Nine News Orange and Wagga Wagga bulletins

LCN 428 Nine News Canberra and Wollongong bulletins




Thanks scoop! :thinking: :rofl:

You could probably get more space for other channels by merging each operator’s services onto one channel. Repeating each bulletin from 7pm through a 3-4 hour block until the next day.
401 WIN Queensland
402 WIN NSW and Updates
403 WIN Victoria and Tasmania
404 Nine Regional Queensland
405 Nine NBN News and Darwin
405 Nine Southern NSW
406 Nine Victoria
407 Seven Regional Queensland and SC Seven Bulletins
408 Prime 7 Northern NSW
409 Prime 7 Southern NSW
410 GWN7 and Local Updates

Probably could be done better but it’s a shot in the dark.


You must be a flat earther.


No i’m not.

But what about the actual message?


This is probably how it will end up looking if they review and downsize the service. It will be a shame for the people who have to wait til 10pm to watch their local bulletin though!


Has anyone ever heard of Faith FM? It has recently been added to VAST’s radio bouquet, but I can’t seem to find any local information about them (except overseas stations that go by that name)

Edit: Found them on Facebook. Man, some companies really need to improve their Google rankings.


I think it is another Seventh-day Adventist radio network:


Indeed, it is. They also take some of their content from 3ABN Radio (who they’re an affiliate of), but they’re different to 3ABN International on the TV side.


This time last year, I was at the Hotel Coronation in the Sydney CBD for an ale or two and discovered a nice surprise to be watching the cricket on Imparja (Tests from Nine) and BBL on Ten Central.

Now that Seven have the rights, I went back there tonight hoping to see it on Seven Central, but alas out looks like they have it on FOX now.



Damn Fox Sports and their stupid high definition cricket experience!

I wonder why the hotel has access to Imparja? :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It looks to be in a black spot somewhat as it’s shielded on all four sides pretty much by taller buildings.

Either that or someone has sourced a card for an alternate address (the usual means of obtaining it illegitimate).


or getting a travellers rego and renewing it every 6 months


In Sydney though, you’d think they’d at least rely on the Foxtel satellite retransmissions of the FTA channels if the terrestrial reception isn’t good.


but you’d have to pay for that and the commercial rates for fox are extraordinary - my local dive bar paid $5k for the mundine / horne fight


But they’ve already got FOX Sports, so using those retransmissions of free to air shouldn’t cost any extra?


not every pub carries fox. the one above we were talking about was showing cricket on Imparja.

theres a pub near me that only carries sky and nothing else


That one in the Sydney CBD with Imparja (Hotel Coronation) also has FOX Sports


Additional funding for satellite television service

Minister for Regional Services Senator Bridget McKenzie today announced $10 million in additional funding to secure the Viewer Access Satellite Television Service (VAST) for regional Australians until 2021.

VAST provides commercial and national television services free-to-air to around 500,000 Australian viewers in regional Australia, including 30,000 travellers.

“Many Australians living in our regions rely on this service, and the Government’s investment will provide the peace of mind that their service will continue,” Minister McKenzie said.

“Television is a vital entertainment and information service that all Australians should have access to.”

“VAST ensures that regional Australians can receive reliable free-to-air television broadcasts so that we can all share and participate in cultural, education and social experiences.”

The VAST service also covers some metropolitan areas where terrestrial transmission services are not able to be economically provided by broadcasters.

The Government today also released the 2018 review of the VAST service, which includes the key recommendation that the service should continue to be provided through the current satellite delivery model.

VAST has been operating since 2010, as part of the national switchover to digital television. The $10 million in additional funding will add to more than $127 million in funding committed to the service since 2010. VAST is also supported by contributions from broadcasters.

The VAST Review is available at: