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Bloody liberals! Although its not something that i need when i go back to adelaide. Just really good for tourists.


So strange considering the WA Liberals were the ones (despite not doing much else with the public transport system while they were in power) that floated the idea of the Perth Airport rail link and costed/funded it.

Adelaide will regret not having done it sooner in a decades time.


thats it. it’s needed and every day it’s not done it gets more expensive.

Look at melbourne, i left in 2005 and even than we were promised a train to the airport “within the decade” and there is nothing now.

theres been countless studies, commitees and working groups. i bet if they just built the bloody thing it would have worked out cheaper than all these studies


Adelaide airport is really easy to access. I remember I just caught a bus from the CBD to the airport and it was no hassle. Whereas in Melbourne trying to catch a Skybus from Southern Cross station to the airport is expensive and in peak times takes a good hour.



If anyone has arrived in Sydney on one of the first flights of the morning, they would not be surprised by this.


Strange article name when it is a list of the top 100 airports.


Clickbait af.

We have it pretty good in Australia for airports compared to some other countries - the state of some of the big US airports is simply embarrassing for such a big, populous country.


Every time I go through LAX I feel like I want to stick pins in my eyes. Fortunately not going through there when I head to Europe later in the year, this time.


Never been to America but European airports can be hit or miss.

Frankfurt is nice for departures but arrivals smelt funny.

Vienna and Prague were superb.

Heathrow made me walk for probably 20 minutes from the gate to the baggage claim. Hated it.


Yeah, Heathrow is pretty punishing. I liked Amsterdam last time though and Rome and Madrid were both fine, although Rome looked like it hadn’t been upgraded in a while and I accidentally got into a dodgy cab. But I survived.


Heh. I’ve never been to Schipol Airport (Amsterdam), but I have been to the Schipol Museum. The Dutch have a weird amount of pride in that airport.


Why go through USA to get to Europe?

Via Asia or Middle East is much quicker.


It’s a good airport with good pizza.

Work has booked me through LAX a couple of times, it’s usually cheaper for whatever reason. Or at least, was.


That surprises me that it’s cheaper.

And makes even less sense for business travelers in that any $$$ saving is likely to be more than offset by the longer flight times / lost productivity.


I had a similar experience when I visited London just after Christmas last year. Also, there was a long queue at immigration for non-EU visitors in mid-afternoon and only 3 counters were open. By the time I arrived at the baggage claim, my bags were already outside the carousel.


LAX is simply embarrassing, especially the terminals other than TBIT with several areas that still have not have been touched since the 90s. SFO Departures is a breeze but arrivals is crippled by queues. SEA has an amazing arrivals area that is the only airport in the US I’ve seen with a similar smartgate system to Australia.

Im hoping Qantas eventually do a 787 service to SEA, I think it would be quite lucrative for them (albeit I expect them to do BNE-ORD (Chicago) next as widely rumoured).


Yes, American airports are pretty bad.
Honolulu is the worst.
It still has very 1970s looking decor and it takes AGES to get processed on arrival.


damn that would be awesome for work for me (I’m employed by a local company owned by microsoft)

last time i went to Redmond i went BRI - SYD - DFW - SEA. (I think there was a sale on SYD - DFW)

Normally i fly BNE to YVR (Vancouver) on Air Canada, than i take a rental car down to redmond but the border crossing can be a bitch.


Where’s the good pizza? I’ll be flying home from Schipol in July so if there’s good pizza I might check it out.