Transferring Content from VHS

Time for another round of what looks better?

This is a 576i recording in OBS with it doing the deinterlacing and encoding:

Now recorded in lossless in virtualdub2 and then encoded and deinterlaced:

Same as above except also upscaled to 1080:

The DVD/VCR combo set to 1080i so it does the up conversion instead of virtualdub:

And a longer 576i recording in virtualdub upscaled to 720 for YouTube and using HEVC encoding (might be a little low?):

And non-upscaled version:

Basically I want to find out which looks the best. I’ll probably end up using virtualdub anyway but it’s a matter of either capturing it in 1080i (DVD/VCR combo doing the up scaling) or capturing in 576i and creating one 720p/1080p version for YouTube and uploading the native resolution version to

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Streaming live captures of TV recordings here: