The Newsreader

While I concur with my learned friend @TelevisionAU, I wonder if there is a funding partner limitation as well


Surely funding isn’t the issue given the international success the show has had - if the ABC pulled out then others would step in.

Or perhaps there could be a spin-off with new characters and fresh storylines to tackle a new era.

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Spin off about Nolene and Rob perhaps

Or Geoff and Lindsay back in the 60s

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The Screen Australia website has added a brief synopsis for season 3, which is now in post-production.

In Season three, we find them in 1989…Dale Jennings, fronting the News At Six solo, has become the most beloved name in news, a Gold Logie nominee, permanently number one in the nightly ratings. Meanwhile Helen’s fearless international reporting has won her an opportunity to be the first woman to both anchor and produce her own current affairs show.