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Beat The Chasers (UK) Season 3 is back in 2 weeks in Perth only at this stage. Wed 14 December 7:30 pm


Interesting that 7 in Perth will show the series with Darragh (The Menace) debut considering Australia is still in late Series 11 of The Chase UK (which is the third season with Jenny The Vixen)

Saying that it probably won’t be long before they show Series 5 featuring Issa The SuperNerd (standing in for Anne The Governess due to her contracting Covid at the time of filming).

TBH the first sight many UK viewers got of him was on Beat the Chasers too as they aired so few episodes featuring him ahead of that series, partly because they switched to repeats soon after he debuted due to the covid lockdown.

Funny comment from Larry on tonight’s episode. There was a question about dancing dogs and one of the possible answers was “Bum krumping”. Larry joked to the contestant that Seven are producing a new show called “Bum krumping With the Stars”, and joked that “Sonia (Kruger) is hosting that too.” :laughing:


A new spin-off of Dancing with the Stars.

No surprise that new episodes of The Chase Australia return on Monday 30 January. Also new episodes of The Chase on that afternoon as well.


This evenings show: The three contestants scored 11 in the Final Chase, and won. Is this the lowest score to win in Australia?


Yup. Previous low was 12.

Equalled the UK’s lowest at 11 (set by Shaun and equalled by Mark in later seasons).

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In a separate post, Larry’s posted the ‘Balls and Coke’ question on his instagram. Courtesy of a slip-up from a contestant.

Kudos to Larry and the Chaser for keeping it together until the contestant ‘slip-up’ (as Bradley and a few of his chasers team would’ve struggled had this been asked in the UK).


The show won’t air in Perth from Wednesday to Friday this week due to Seven’s live coverage of World Test Championship final, missing out on a first-run episode on Wednesday.

I’m sure they can run the new eps later in place of repeats for WA.

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Which they will do. Plus they’re on 7Plus.

The Chase Australia filming for S13 has began. Anne and Mara has flown into Sydney for filming from the UK and USA respectively. The later just finished up her work/study stint (non-Chase related) overseas.


5 Chasers into the one room during a post-filming session. Absent are Mara (already flew out of the country after filming) and Mark (didn’t attend - busy with other commitments in the UK)

Tonight at the logies in Sydney.


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Is it just me or is Larry not suited to this show? I reckon Kylie would have been a better fit.

Larry is a bit odd. Specifically his ‘my team’ comments.

Andrew used to say that every episode. It’s not exclusive to Larry.


Well isn’t that interesting.