Ten News First Content and Appearance


Here’s the full bulletin for those interested


I’d go with Chris Bath. She has more political expert than Lisa and Sandra.


I was thinking that but Lisa has more experience at hosting elections. There’s nothing between them in their political knowledge.

However, you’re probably right. Chris Bath would be very impartial and report the facts. Lisa on the other hand will show her leftest views.


It’s amazing how dated the nine sets look now


Looking back over the timelapse more closely, it seems the upper blue “lightbox” isn’t a lightbox at all but in fact more LED matrix modules! In the cap above there is some sort of pattern displayed.

So I guess they could scroll text on them if they wanted to (other than it being so high that it might be out of shot)


If they could scroll text on them that would look incredible. When I originally seen them I thought, wouldn’t it be good if they could scroll text!

For Studio 10, they could scroll news headlines similar to Good Morning Britain, or even just ‘Studio 10’, given it isn’t a complete news program… and dare I mention Tens Election coverage (hopefully) ‘Ten News First Election Centre’ scrolling text.


That’s an amazing new set. Is the screen of 4K LED variety?


ok now i like it also i feel like new graphics for the set


Of the three major commercial networks, I still think Seven News has the most dated sets. Especially from a Sydney perspective they probably would’ve (or at least should’ve) figured out that Ten would eventually want to get a new set after the graphics/logo change towards the end of last year, yet made the most minor of changes which weren’t really worth it in the end!

While Ten’s new set is undoubtedly on a grander scale than Nine’s, I still reckon the latter will have more than a few surprises up their sleeves for the move to North Sydney!


For the first time, We have a set in Australia that is truly Multi purpose. No more shifting things areound between Studio 10 & 10NF. And it looks amazing.

Who would believe a couple of years ago that 10 would have the best set on Australian TV?


Underrated post


Who would have believed that Ten would still have a news department at all… Everyone knows it would have been a move to a merged Ten/Sky operation ASAP if CBS didn’t buy the network.


It’s still hard to comprehend that “Blue Horizon” plan where they were even considering having a national weekday bulletin with local inserts (or whatever it was)… vs this. And that was just under 2 years ago!


Set is stunning. A+. I like that that you can still see people in the newsroom behind the glass where the lounge area is - not totally closed off.

Still hoping for a slightly more local look in other markets, if they’re also getting new sets, rather than smaller carbon copies.


@lexington Any idea of a set design company behind this?


Also, @Lexington , has the new EP started?


I think it was mentioned the new EP started around the end of Jan (or when Chris Bath started)


Oh my gosh, that set is fucking A+. Outdates Nine’s quite interestingly and makes Seven look like a parody.

Great investment for the local Sydney market and nationally with Studio 10, and possibly even The Project coming from that space in the future without having to bring in cheapo set pieces or plasma arrangements.

Bravo to Ross Dagan’s new direction!


Well, probably a combined WIN/Sky operation, since both Gordon and Murdoch would sack most Ten employees and have right-wing presenters and WIN reporters into metropolitan TV screens.


OK I’m going to say it…

Best news set in Sydney. Leaps and bounds ahead of Nine/Seven/ABC/SKY/SBS.

Very strange to see a 10 set beat out Nine’s sets across the country, even though Nine are usually the innovators.