Ten News First Content and Appearance


Bailey’s hair lol.


Some more caps:


WA is getting a localised bulletin tonight. Glad to see the effort 10 is making to their News service.


Very impressed with what’s being delivered in Perth right now, a live cross has been included and a decent amount of local stories so far.


There is a junior managing 10’s news social media pages at the moment.


Is Ten Sydney holding the record for longest-used current metro set piece? Their desk dates back to 2011.

That being said, it’s held up quite well through each set revision (one major, two refreshes IIRC). The only changes have been light strips on the base, and timbering/painting the top rim.


The sets look lovely at the moment with the new look, right around the country, IMO. Sure, we’d love a sexy update but I think there’s no immediate urgency.


Aside from a few minor tweaks over the years, Ten Sydney probably has the oldest news set in Australia so I’d definitely say that a completely new one is needed here once the budget permits.


It would look lovely with a brick wall borderless screen New York vibe.


Can we at least agree that equipment/HD upgrades for all markets should be a priority for the On-Air Presentation of 10 News First in 2019?

Personally I think the production standards aren’t as good as they can be when elements have to be downscaled to SD and upconverted to HD again.


that’s all been approved as I understand it… and is slowly happening.


Surprised that no one has mentioned that since Monday, every state has new VOs.

Nearly identical except that the VO now speaks a bit faster and there is no pause between “This is 10 News First” “City Name”


ABC News NC set premiered in 2010. Seven Brisbane dates back to the twisted metal set.


January 2012 was a completely new set- that was significantly modified in Oct 2014.


Seven News Regional Queensland?


So it’s been a few months. Has anyone managed to work out what Ten News “First” means yet? I still don’t get what the first means.


Who says it has to mean anything? :wink:


Comparison from the previous VO. New one is first.


Here are the new ones with Queensland posted above


Caps of tonight’s bulletin with Australia Day Coverage

and there was also a different style for the wideshot on the plasma (comparison)