Ten News First Content and Appearance


Great promos :+1:


I really don’t think that mosquitoes “Special Report” promo deserves that much praise.

Sure, it’s actually an example of 10 News First being promoted for a change but Seven & Nine have constantly been running not entirely dissimilarly edited/formatted “Special Report” promos on a near daily basis for a good 10-15 years, if not longer.


The fact 10 are actually promoting news is praise worthy. It hasn’t been bothered for eons.


Brassy showed the middle screen during tonight’s closer… has this been happening before Georgie returned? Or just tonight?


Just want to give my thoughts about the weather on the weekend bulletins.

It’s probably one of the worst weather reports on FTA TV because there is no depth whatsoever since it’s live and national. And a while ago they got rid of the 7 day outlook for each state and instead only made it over the next 3 days.

Would 10 ever consider doing prerecorded state-wide weather reports on weekends with a proper local forecast?


they should. you could record a 3 min report for each market with the weather presenter on the green screen from 4pm.

package it up (include the goodnights) and send it to presentation for playout as the last segment.

then all the main bulletin has to do is time out to the end of sport, to finish on time.

yes, there’s extra production involved… but surely the weather presenter could do it. your national forecast, synoptic etc all would get copy and pasted…


Perfect solution (since local bulletins aren’t in the picture :stuck_out_tongue: )


They also don’t mention Canberra in their city by city run through, despite mentioning smaller cities like Darwin.


Still more comprehensive than in the 2000s where you only got the next days forecast at the very most on the weekend news.

Don’t see why they couldn’t pre-record state based reports though, especially if they’re planning to put more effort in.


My one nitpick would be to leave the good night’s out of tape. Everything else being fungible, weather will be the nagging constant that may end up crashing the program into 6pm. If the program is short after weather, you could always have dummy script and a longer close.

Another idea would be to do all weather segments live with emphasis on the live markets rather than fly-around forecasts for 7 markets. A little lopsided for SA/NT and WA, admittedly.


WA wouldn’t even need to be recorded as it could be done live as the bulletin now is.


you couldn’t play that out with a lot of kerfuffle.

a good line up producer doesn’t need the weather segment to fill or cut anyway.


CBSN now using reports from Ten - signing off with… For CBSN, I’m Charlotte Goodlet in Sydney Australia.



Exclusive w/m as seen tonight


that’s been happening for about 6 months.


How often do the take stories from 10?


TV3 in NZ used to do this in the 90’s. Weather would start live and go through all the usuals until regional forecast time, then the presenter would do the throw, do the top half places in the North Island live whilst the lower half and South Island got their respective taped versions.

Worked well most of the time, but occasionally the South Island would end up seeing Auckland’s weather instead.


depends on the stories of the day.



I hear there are new end boards to the news promos starting tonight.