Ten News First Content and Appearance


True. It’s the perfect program after Have You Been Paying Attention. (F#%^, they should reboot The Panel too!) Local, late news between 9:30 and 10:30, possibly a second edition at 10:30 to 11 as well. Just go for it.

By the way, here u can see heaps of content coming out of Fox Detroit (where I was in July). An 11pm (Sunday, I think) sports wrap. Great!


Sorry to say but I don’t believe Ballarat or Gundagai have enough going on to warrant local morning news for a few hours.National is the only way its proven successful all over the world 10 just need to find the right format to go with.


Realistically, there’ll never be local TV breakfast programs for smaller regional markets when some barely manage to fill the 1st segment of a 30 minute local news bulletin without having to resort to fillers.

However…the five largest TV markets: Sydney, Melbourne, South East Queensland, Perth & Adelaide. I think there’s more than enough going on in those individual markets for local breakfast shows to work, if a network is willing to spend the money/resources which of course isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

I’d personally argue that national breakfast programs don’t work on Australian TV and that there’s room for at least one network to provide a local breakfast show for each of the five main markets.

But since Ten have repeatedly made their intentions clear about not re-entering the breakfast market anytime soon, it’s pointless even having this discussion.


One thing I’ve noticed since the 10 News First rebrand is that they don’t appear to be using any official hashtags in any of their social media posts anymore.


Keyed in set from Monday’s update.


Why not key in only the spinning globe? Easier and with no time spent on mocking up the set.


It will just be a loop that they recorded of the actual set.


From what I’ve seen in my PVR recordings this week and last, most of the updates are from a keyed set presented by Tarsh.


I read somewhere that Studio 10 was filming its christmas ep the other day, so perhaps they have been recording summer eps so the news set couldn’t be used for updates.


Generally the first few updates for the day come from the green screen before moving to the desk and screens when the set is all back together following Studio 10 wrapping up, nothing new there.


Whilst it’s not immediately obvious from their home page or navigating around the site, it appears the 10 daily website has (or is in the process) of integrating all of the 10 News First news pieces there.

I stumbled across this page through the search bar and it has separate landing pages for each respective state along with sport etc, but doesn’t appear under the shows tab where The Project now sits.



I feel like they should blow-away 10 Play and make 10 daily the main site, otherwise there will be two 10 News First pages. Less confusion and clutter.


They should dump 10 play and integrate everything into 10 all access like CBS does, you have some “unlocked” content which is free, and it tempts people to purchase the subscription for more episodes, content etc. 10 news content can go on there for free obviously. Much easier and less confusing than two seperate services.


Personally, I think there should be a main 10NewsFirst.com.au website for a consistent brand across all platforms.

Not sure about everyone else but I personally think it’s odd how there’s one brand for Ten’s news output on TV and a completely different one (or two) online, in contrast to abc.net.au/news, 7News.com.au (from 2019), 9News.com.au and sbsnews.com.au where you know exactly what you’re going to get.


If I was head of online for 10, I’d bring back ten.com.au in 2019.

That way everything sits under the one umbrella and it’s far less confusing with different domains and going backwards & forwards between 10 play and 10 daily and it’s a one stop shop.

Then you could just promote offshoots from the site across different mediums like TV etc which take you to the exact content you’re looking for but also likely to have a look around also.




That’s not how cbs does it

Cbs.com is the equal of 10play - the Network catch up site for online plays of shows that are broadcast on air

And cbs all access is the paid premium streaming website like 10 all access

They are two websites run independent of each other with two different purposes. It’s just cbs.com has a large banner add pushing people to try all access when you land on it. Perhaps making you think it’s kne service

But two sites with two different purposes


I wouldn’t. Way too close to ten.com


That loads to a page which blocks the content almost straight away with a warning and you have to click through to enter, I don’t think it’s really that risky if people were to get it wrong.

Alternatively, they also have 10.com.au registered which is redirected to tenplay.com.au so they could use that instead with the same effect.



Okay, which one of you clicked on it :joy:


Apart from 10 Daily they need to refresh all their pages especially 10 Play to make it more consistent. If you know what i mean. But i do agree that 10 News First should have a main website. Even if it’s just 10news.com.au that’ll be good enough and hopefully in the near future that they return to having an app since they are now the only network not to have one.