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Bush fire coverage


Slick as.


A travesty they don’t have this at 6-7 as well. It would build an audience - not #1, but an audience.


A travesty? We have a weatherman acting the fool during a deadly weather event and two months old Youtube clips presented as news from that event. I suppose if they want to stick with light entertainment and comedy at 6pm the product would be perfect, but as a credible news service it won’t compete with Seven and Nine.


I was talking about Brisbane but anyway. I think you are being slightly cherry-picky there. If you want to soil a news service’s reputation, happy to go through the annals of Seven and Nine News.


What do you mean cherry picky?


Pleased to hear the cat in the raincoat YouTube clip didn’t make the Brisbane bulletin last night. I don’t need to soil their reputation when they do a perfectly good job of doing it themselves with shit like that. It used to be a polished, watchable news service. I can’t take them seriously anymore. Even the title makes me cringe.


Here we go again ↓↓↓↓


The adjective form of the verb cherry pick… although not an adjective that is generally accepted by those who speak English goodly.

To cherry pick is to selectively choose examples that suit the point you are trying to make.

In the regional Australian context, pre-aggregation channels in the bush would often be referred to as “cherry picking from the capital city networks” because they would choose what they wanted from any of the 3 commercial networks and show a mix on a single channel in respective areas.

Class dismissed.


Goodbye my esteemed teacher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness though, I don’t think @Newsweary was cherry picking. He was talking about the OTT weather report Bailey pumped (out of primetime) last night and saying how that’s not the best form of weather report for TV news (heck you don’t even see that in America or UK, at least not in primetime). Others may disagree, but I personally agree in regards to this.

If a weather presenter is a weather presenter, then their job is to present the weather in an engaging way, not like Mr Bailey who clearly looked like he was auditioning for a reboot of Singing in the Rain.


You have learned well grasshopper :sunglasses:

My reply though wasn’t a commentary on our esteemed colleague @NewsWeary (with whom I agree on this matter) rather an explanation of cherry picking, which incidentally can have a completely different meaning n the context of porn videos…, just sayin :cherries:


KABC-7’s Dallas Raines comes close with his dramatic movements across the chroma key- the famous “Dallas Dip”, fist pumps and golf swings. He even has the same weathered look Bailey does. At least he has the credentials and expertise to make him a popular, credible weather presenter and doesn’t quite do the full on aerobics routine Bailey does every night.


Get a grip. If holding an umbrella in bad wind is the worst Ten News does, its not too bad. Anyone with half a brain knows that my point was - dig with the most useless shovel and you will see that Seven and Nine News have actual ethical problems of actual substance in their history if you care to look them up. If you want to nail Ten News on ethics using this particular case and simultaneously infer that Seven and Nine are whiter than white in terms of their ethics, I’m afraid Seven and Nine’s dodgy-journalism wrap-sheet looks a lot worse.


Seven News Sydney went down the drain when Roger Climpson retired. It is a terrible news service. I don’t watch Ten News at five as it is on too early … but I wouldn’t watch Ten News if it was on at six as there is an alternative I like on Nine. But I switch to The Project at 6:30.


I don’t think it was that bad when Roscoe and to a somewhat lesser extent Bathie were at the helm but yeah, it’s certainly gone down hill in recent years. IMO, content standards dropped alarmingly when Fergo took over the weeknight chair in Early 2014 and although I can’t say for sure, one wonders if the amount of talent (including some big/longtime names) which has fled Seven News Sydney in recent years is possibly a sign of a toxic culture in the newsroom.

Like most Sydneysiders, I’d probably only watch a news bulletin on Ten at 6pm if they gave me an extremely compelling reason to tune in. Like if it had some high profile presenters and/or reporters poached from Nine News Sydney, I’d probably at least give it a try - but of course this isn’t very likely to happen now or at any time in the future.




Really good look at TEN Melbourne’s operations (ATV10)


Nobody has inferred Seven and Nine are whiter than white. Both cop their fair share of criticism on this site.


Brisbane promo


I’m pretty sure I saw a new version of that tonight too…

Good to see they’re promoting their coverage.