Ten News First Content and Appearance


Sounds uncomfortable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha yeah poor choice of words but still hopefully you got my point :grinning:

I really love the new branding and graphics it has taken me a while to warm up to them though :sweat_smile:


I think my favourite bit is the CBS notes sting. Love Love Love it.


Breaking News opening in Brisbane




Another day another breaking news opening for Queensland


Is it just me or is Brisbane’s backdrop a lot bluer than say, Sydney’s version?


Why aren’t we seeing that promo they showed at upfronts? It looked like it was actually focusing on what the new branding brought content-wise :confused:


Interesting sign off at the end of reports now where the abroad or interstate reporting location comes last.

I.e tonight: “Lachlan Kennedy for 10 News First Bali, Indonesia”.

I would’ve thought that “Lachaln Kennedy in Indonesia for 10 News First” would be better.


Hugh signed off from Washington with the location last as did Eamonn from Villers-Brettenaux


Yeah I’ve noticed it a few times now since the relaunch with various reporters reporting away.


I’ve never liked the ABC sign off with the location last. I agree with you.

“In Bali, Lachlan Kennedy for 10 News First.”


Yeah I thought it was. It is much better IMO.


Agree, just needs less scan lines.


Sig outs have been Americanized. All three US networks use that format of name, organization, location.


I don’t think you can characterise that style or sequence of sign off as American.

“Name, Organisation, Location” have been used by Australian and British broadcasters as well as American for decades.

It may be fair to say the style originated in the US 50 or 60 years ago but it’s nothing new.


I didn’t realise this still happened. As mentioned on the traffic report; a thank you to a school that was visited with the traffic helicopter. Used to see it a lot with weather reporters.


Tonight’s opener without the weather wall


Weather wall could be being used elsewhere for possible studio coverage of the Socceroo’s game tonight?


I feel like last Sunday it was the same? Very tight shots and no weatherwall?