Ten Eyewitness News Content and Appearance


I always found it interesting how 10 News went against the grain of there rivals with presenters
If you exclude Brisbane (where the double header worked well)
In Perth & Adelaide 7 & 9 have 2 presenters - 10 have a single presenter
In Melbourne & Sydney 7 & 9 have a single presenter - 10 had a 2 presenter team.

Surely it would be better to look at each market individually and do what works best for each particular market than this ‘one size fits all’ national look.


that’s only in recent years however, for many years 10 had dual presenters for Adelaide.


Yes and those combinations worked because you had two accomplished newsreaders. In contrast, you now have a sports presenter and an inexperienced newsreader.


I thought Brisbane were apparently getting a new backdrop? The current on is pretty ordinary & grainy - could definitely do with updating like the Syd, Melb & most recently Perth one.


Unless Seven and Nine in Both Sydney & Melbourne can add Female Newsreaders to their Already Strong 6:00 Male Power, it’s very Unlikely they have the 2 Anchors in those cities.


I’m just going to jump in and say thanks to everyone for the very kind words… however… I have a lot of respect and admiration for Choof and he has been a big supporter of Studio 10 and myself in more ways than one.

I have watched in awe as he has made the newsroom efficient and still managed to deliver, what I believe, to be a compelling news bulletin that actually informs me on the days events. I challenge anyone to watch TEN News and compare it to another commercial network and tell me you haven’t had a full understanding of what has happened that day. TEN doesn’t focus on the trivial, it gives me actual news and I enjoy watching it… and not just because I work there.

Please do not underestimate the good, hard working people in the newsroom, especially the man in charge of it all as he is a very smart operator.

Cheers, Rob


I don’t understand why people are so against this change. Double headers are not necessary and a waste of resources. The changes make a lot of sense.


I too have watched in awe - as a continual parade of tiny graphics in the top right hand corner says “Courtesy Seven” or “Courtesy Nine.”

We live in a city of 4 million people - surely it’s not too hard to employ enough staff to get the vision without relying on competitors.


The two Peters from Nine, yes very strong (@SydneyCityTV I think you can call this the success of the two Peters now instead of the two Brians), but Mark Ferguson and Peter Mitchell, not at all.


I think it’s more out of frustration that it just seems to be a constant Merry go round of changes. And you can already expect that double newsreader teams will soon be back. It just seems to be the Ten way.

I think it’s good that reporting teams get a boost but it is frustrating to see good presenters bumped along.


Taking bets on whether this “new, uniform look” will include anything other than shafting presenters? Probably not.

Sandra will probably still be presenting newswire stories in front of a large Samsung in the middle of an empty newsroom.

Not that I even watch nightly TV news anymore.


Just watched the TEN Perth and the unfortunate story of the light plane that crashed into the Swan broke as they were on air. It could’ve been because they were on air as it happened, or they had the acting Police Commissioner on it, but it was far superior than 7, 9 & the ABC imo. They crossed live to it twice in five minutes and at the end of the weather which they gave me all the info that I needed to know (more info than those who gave it to us on the ground did).


But it’s all about perception. TV News in general is getting squeezed by a thousand other news sources. And Ten News most especially because they basically abdicated a serious role in News 25 years ago. You pay a price for that. People don’t take you seriously. You become a laughing stock of the industry. Ratings get lower and lower. And people say things like “Who gets their news from Channel 10?”. I mean, hello, you have ONE hour of news a day at 5 o’clock…! Really!!? But it’s your own fault, because the network is not all that interested in news.


I think they really need to think about adding an extra hour of news somewhere. It’s such a barebones service, especially in light of Nine, Seven and the ABC investing in more resources.

Take a look at the output Nine has in a single day. A half-dozen websites, active social media, state bulletins across the day, local news launching soon, 6pm, 7 days a week of breakfast programming. We can criticise the network for being sensationalist and doing poorly on the actual journalism front, but fuck that, Nine pump out a shitton of content across the day.

I definitely think Ten is a smidge above Nine and Seven in terms of reporting quality, but it’s a shame these resources aren’t showcased more prominently. A flagship bulletin later in the evening (9.30pm?) would go miles to at least improving the network’s image, as would more frequent promo spots for the 5pm bulletin.


I completely agree, at the moment ten eyewitness news is a peripheral service, they desperately need to rebuild the ten news brand. No one watches just the one bulletin, you need multiple bulletins to inform your audience. What does ten expect me to do when there is breaking news during the morning? Switch over to another network?
The smart first step to do is to go back in to late news as it’s is currently untapped.


What’s Jamie Durie up to these days… :thinking:


Cricket Australia announced today that the 2017-18 Big Bash League season will increase from 32 to 40 matches and Ten has hinted some may be played as doubleheaders. Will it increase the chance of the 5pm news being shown more often at odd times (e.g. 2pm in Perth) or not broadcast at all? Surely it has an obligation to broadcast a bulletin every day even though it may not be part of licence conditions.


The Project is a news program and Studio 10 has a news component, so to say that Ten only has 1 hour of news each day is not exactly correct. I do agree that Ten should be doing a bit more news.


Look, maybe we are expecting to much from ten, ten isn’t what it was 10-15 years ago. Ten isn’t as mainstream anymore, and I hate saying this, as a loyal ten viewer all my life, ten is loosing it’s identity and has tarnished it’s own brand. You know, it’s like they are not even trying anymore, from generic on-air presentations, lack of sport, missed opportunities and woeful schedules, I just think maybe ten isn’t ten anymore.

Now I can only hope the Ten News brand continues to grow, but I’m drowning in doubt. If ten were a serious media company and news brand they’ll do something about it. So maybe we just have to take in the fact that ten isn’t a serious network anymore.

Now what I think ten should do, is to rebrand to 10, rebrand all their multichannels, heavily focus on online production, more news bulletins, more shows in appropriate time slots & get new management and to just start off fresh. As I said ten has tarnished it’s brand so it’s time to reinvigorate ten back to its glory days.


Which in itself would cost a heck of a lot of money, which they simply don’t have at this time. In my not so qualified opinion, they’ve not had a more strategic plan moving forward and stability in the schedule for many years - without serious funding they are limited to how much they can do and how much they can grow. Strategic spending and investment in the right areas might sound like some marketing spin to you or others, but that’s the harsh reality for the network right now - call it cheap if you will but it is what it is.

Whilst I do agree with you on some of what you’ve said, the reality is that I believe (I don’t agree with absolutely every decision they make, but in the bigger picture) they are doing just about everything they can to build and strengthen the network back up, retain & produce an (arguably) quality flagship news bulletin most evenings and offer a slate of new year round programming which is different & engaging than its other two commercial rivals which they can then build and expand on as finances allow.

Now, back on topic…