It seems like this is the way forward for Aussie scripted now. It’s only going to survive through co-productions, and actors seem to be the best way to get international audiences to watch an Aussie series.

It’s not a way forward. It’s stuck in a rut. How many times can they do Brit/American/Irishman feeling lost in outback Australia? You can add Troppo, RFDS, Irreverent which all have the same premise.

The success of Boy Swallows Universe, Mr Inbetween and Fisk show there’s a market for original ideas and series.


They mix it up occasionally with the “return to the town the grew up” premise

This is the killer. Unless Seven can get into this space (I feel it’s much too late…), they are stuffed

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Am guessing this is why One Night on P+ was a big disappointment and led to it being dropped from the platform, same premise poorly executed.

And Deadloch. Hugely popular. Very Australian and not a cringe being back Hoges way you see on Stan.

Stan’s commissioning is terrible, it must be coming from the same dreadful team who does Nine TV.


Yeah. They kept doing the same shows over and over again on Nine too.

Seven had a chance to become a major content producer and provider with Seven Studios. But after the disappointing ratings of Between Two Worlds in 2020, Seven decided to sell off the studios business.

No doubt having a studio doesn’t come cheap, but (good) content = money with licensing etc.

Without knowing the finer details, it seemed very short sighted at the time to sell this off, while later acquiring a regional television business which is only declining.

Baywatch (the series) is coming to Stan next month.


Yeah. We could probably list twice as many shows with that premise. :joy: Just no originality.

Stan has updated its look on my Apple TV, with its options now on the left hand side and very similar-looking to the Apple TV app recent update.

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Stan is the latest to increase package pricing. $10 monthly charge going up to $12.

Did anyone buy the boxing coverage last night? What was it like? For 50 bucks you’d want a pretty slick production.

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