15 April

11 July

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It will take place at the same fictional school that is featured in “Bump”, which is filmed at Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campus…

Edwards said it will have the same “terrific sense of humour” as “Bump”, but will expand its outlook.

“That school is Blackwattle High School in Glebe, which sits right there on the edge of the [Sydney] CBD. And it’s got a very significant public housing population, plus $12 million terrace houses, and just that melting pot in the geography and all those things is kind of what was inherent on “Bump” in that school,” he said.

“And that’s going to carry over, but “Year Of” is going to branch out. It’s a lot more ensemble. The kids are really carrying the story.

“It will still be multi-generational, and I think that’s a big part of “Bump’s” success and I think it’s what John [Edwards] and Clauds have done together on a number of series as well in terms of the multi-generational thing.”

He wouldn’t give much more away about “Year Of” though.

“I won’t say too much more,” he said.

April on Stan

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Season 2 of Girls5Eva premieres on Stan on May 6.

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I hope season 2 is good. There has been a few things I have watched the first season and loved and then lost interest. The Great didn’t grab me in it’s second season and neither did Love Life

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Queer As Folk 2022 - 10 June

It will premiere on Stan on May 20.

The Emmy and Golden Globe winning series returns May 13, only on Stan

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The brand new season of P-Valley premieres June 3, only on Stan.

On Stan in Australia

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Why would you do that? Films have enough trouble finding an audience.

It premieres on Stan on May 27.

Hacks Season 2 premieres May 13, only on Stan.

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The brand new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars premieres May 20, only on Stan.

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UPDATE: Stan confirmed this morning of the Australian broadcast date.