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Seven’s broadcast of the 2002 Adidas International final, in which Roger Federer defeated Juan Ignacio Chela.

Notice a young Matt Shirvington during the post-match ceremony.

Courtesy: PR SSVV


From Avatar’s video posted:

A familiar face over many years of Seven’s tennis and to this day of the network:

Wasn’t 100% sure who was presenting here:

Also heard:

Garry Wilkinson and John Alexander calling. Craig Willis is MC (who Seven used from throughout the 90s at their AO and AFL including later retained by TA and the AFL until a handful of years ago).

Would’ve been Wilko’s last summer and one of his last matches, as Sandy Roberts, JA and Bruce McAvaney had already been promoted to feature main callers by this era and Wilko was fired the next year (when Seven was blown-up by Leckie).

Also all are Sydney-siders for a local nationally-appealing and broadcast event, bar Willis.

@Avatar5991 couldn’t find Shirvo?


I think that’s Allan stone


I thought it was too, but couldn’t be 100% with the video/audio quality

At 52:25 in the video I posted, second from left. Picture quality is quite poor it must be said.

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Round 1 1998 Balmain v Gold Coast highlights which looks like it wasn’t televised. I think 1998 was the last season that every game wasn’t televised.


Some stuff from 10’s tennis coverage:

10’s athletics:

2005 Australian Open

Full credit: Rewind Tennis Collection, YT


This would’ve been the first year of the 2005-11 graphics set. However I don’t think it was until 2006-07 that they had the small scorecard in the bottom-left (was top-left in 2005) during the rallies, as opposed to between them.


And Martina would be replaced by Tracy Austin the following year, while Kerryn Pratt had her role reduced. Others had been used previously, such as Pam Shriver in the 90s.

2005 was also the first prime time men’s final, while 2009 would be the women’s first.

Also was 2005 the first year of the heavy in-program cross-promotion of upcoming shows, or was that 2004 or 2003? JA could be heard above saying “I wish my gardener looked like that” [BH&G]. That in-program superimposed promo on an outdoor big screen had a female v/o saying “quiet please, watch out for the new season of Better Homes and Gardens with new host Johanna Griggs, time Friday nights with the whole weekend ahead of you”. Footnote: this will be her 20th year in a row as host.

Also, Seven’s 2004 graphics package was still being used at this stage in 2005 (as seen by the H&A promo end-tag), but this year would see a new package to coincide with their sharp ratings rise thanks to the Aus Open and hit US shows as well as Blue Heelers resurgence, tweaked in 2007 and updated in 2008 and tweaked in 2009.


Seven’s closer to the 2018 Australian Open


Dennis Cometti wanted to call the 2001 AFL Grand Final (7’s last GF in its OG run) be he was denied due to his move from 7 to 9 in preparation for Nine’s AFL coverage from 2002-2006.

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Not surprised; 7 was very spiteful about losing the footy rights. Having Dennis, someone they knew was leaving to follow said rights, calling their last big game is something they wouldn’t have tolerated. iirc Dennis didn’t get much screen time on 7’s 45 Years of footy on tv doco either.


I mean Bruce was always going to call it, Sandy had called every GF since ‘95 and had called a hell of a lot of Lions games for many years, and then as said, Cometti was (quite fairly) going to 9. Don’t think it’s surprising 7 went with the callers they did.


Didn’t end up calling ANY finals, tended to cost cut a fair bit late on using locally based callers if possible, hence Matt Campbell and Chris Dittmar got finals when they probably normally wouldn’t have.

Week 1
Ess vs Rich: McAvaney, Walls, Brereton, Dipper
Carl vs Adel: McAvaney, Bartlett, Healy, Osborne
Bris vs Port: Roberts, Campbell, Dunstall, McGuinness, Carthew
Haw vs Syd: Hudson, Robertson, Shaw, Osborne

Week 2
Rich vs Carl: Roberts, Robertson, Dunstall, Osborne
Port vs Haw: McAvaney, Dittmar, Healy, McGuinness, Dipper, Lindner

Ess vs Haw: McAvaney, Robertson, Healy, Osborne
Bris vs Rich: Roberts, Campbell, Dunstall, Carthew, Dipper

U18: Dittmar, Robertson
Ess vs Bris: McAvaney, Roberts, Dunstall, Healy, Dipper, Campbell

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Capital/Channel 10 coverage of Canberra v Parramatta in 1989


Channel 9 2005 Brownlow Medal coverage

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