Sexual Harassment Allegations in Australian Media


It would be an easy guess judging by the language used in his article. What “deals” can you think of that happened between former 2DayFM talent and other stations?



This seems like a big story but I wonder this hasn’t made bigger news in the media.


Paul Murray ( yes I know) said this was going to be a massive story and take the pressure off Barnaby Joyce and the government.

ETA: I am assuming this is the big radio industry story he was talking about.


I can’t help thinking that the identity of the perpetrator is being hidden.

Are the media outlets being cautious following the recent legal action from a couple of high profile stars who have had their names brought up? Or is it because a lot of high profile and influential people across the media have been involved in covering it up?


Didn’t 2Day FM release a statement saying that the matter was investigated at the time and the staff member was removed? Because there is nothing much more the media can cover if action was taken before it hit the media.


I suppose the fact that he is still in a senior position at another radio station should make it newsworthy though.


As the saying goes, ‘rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’.



No-one knows who Blake Phillips is.


But would we know the manager? Or is he a faceless man outside the industry?


How many radio managers would have name recognition with the wider public?


Probably not a lot of them, I guess. But there are a few out there who have been on both sides of the microphone as presenters or producers before becoming managers.


Craig McLachlan’s legal action against Christie Whelan Brown begins in the NSW Supreme Court at Queen’s Square tomorrow morning. There are two cases listed for 9:30am.

Vanessa Scammell, Craig McLachlan’s partner, interviewed by Steve Price:


Code of Conduct to prevent sexual harassment now active

Screen Australia has today announced that the Code of Conduct to Assist the Prevention of Sexual Harassment has been finalised and is now in effect. Screen Australia approved projects from now on must adhere to the Code as a condition of their production funding.

“The Code sets a clear expectation that producers must make every effort to maintain a safe workplace where there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment,” said Screen Australia COO Fiona Cameron. “The Code of Conduct will bring the law into plain view, in plain English and provide pathways to address and resolve issues. A Code of Conduct is a simple way to set expectations and lead cultural change.”

Following consultation with industry, the Code has been finalised and can now be viewed in full here.

Screen Producers Australia (SPA) is working with its members, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance and key stakeholders including Screen Australia to finalise an industry Code of Conduct and Policies relating to sexual harassment, harassment and bullying. SPA expects this work to conclude in the coming weeks. SPA will also be facilitating training for industry on the industry Code of Conduct and policies. It is hoped that a standard industry code will be put in place for all entertainment organisations in the future.

Find out more information about the code including FAQs here >


In a claim filed in the Federal Court asking for permission to sue the Sydney Theatre Company on the grounds that they are in part responsible for the stories about Geoffrey Rush published in The Daily Telegraph, the paper and Jonathan Moran have revealed the name of their source at the theatre company. Media Watch has pointed out that by doing so News Corp has breached their own policies of not divulging the identity of confidential sources; and that News is taking the extraordinary step of trying to sue that confidential source.


The Federal Court has refused The Daily Telegraph’s and Jonathon Moran’s application to sue The Sydney Theatre Company, so the Geoffrey Rush defamation trial will now commence on 3 September.




“I have become aware of a claim being made about me,” Ballard wrote on his website. "It involves an allegation of sexual assault: an allegation that I completely deny in the strongest terms possible. It fundamentally goes against who I am as a person and everything I believe in.

“Four years ago I had a consensual sexual experience with someone. I had absolutely no idea he believed it wasn’t consensual until six months ago. His version of that experience as described on social media is simply not what happened.”

“It has affected my work and my mental health,” he said. "I abhor sexual assault and sexual violence. I absolutely support the philosophy of the #MeToo movement. I believe in supporting victims and ensuring those who have done wrong face justice.

“But I have not done anything wrong.”

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