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The 7Travel website and social accounts have been around in some form since approx August 2016, seems strange to only just be ‘launching’ near 18 months later.


Seven has threatened Amber Harrison, the former lover of CEO Tim Worner, with legal action alleging contempt of court unless she removes two posts on Twitter by 6:00pm today. Harrison has stated that she will not be removing the tweets.


Brad Lyons head of production has resigned from 7. Looks like he finishes up at the end of the year.


Seven spin doctor Simon Francis is leaving the network, The Australian is reporting.


Expect a new PR approach / format? :wink:


One of the best in the business and always a pleasure to deal with.


Seven has launched contempt of court proceedings against Amber Harrison, the former mistress of CEO Tim Worner. It’s in the NSW Supreme Court on 18 December. Meanwhile, blogger Shane Dowling who was jailed for contempt of court due to him continuing to publish material related to Seven despite earlier court orders is due to be released tomorrow.


The Australian reports Seven has hired Stephen Browning, a former head of corporate affairs at News Corp, on a consultancy basis.


Shall Seven West Media launching Hulu in Australia and give Aussies more Fasttracked Shows from the US than ever before, Here’s a Suggestion?


I can’t understand what that post is supposed to say…


Here’s a Suggestion:
Can Seven West Media launch Hulu in Australia and give Aussies more fast tracked shows from the US, than ever before?

I’ve translated it into English for you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

#173 Here’s what i’m talking about.


We know what Hulu is but what is the connection to Seven West Media? As far as we know, there isn’t one.


Is Something that the New 7plus is Lacking at the Moment, Fasttracking US Shows which Seven has the Australian RIghts to air broadcasting Online, 7plus App and through Smart TV’s First.


But if they fast track all their US shows on 7plus, then there is no point in putting any on their FTA channels which will hurt their bottom line.

I don’t think they would attract enough advertising yet to be a streaming service for all their US shows and only have Aussie content on their FTA channels.


Seven headquarters in Sydney is to move in with the magazine and production offices at Eveleigh having quit the lease on its Pyrmont headquarters some ten years early. The Australian is reporting that it is cost-cutting exercise and that more cuts are expected.


What kind of production/admin did Seven have located in Pyrmont?


I don’t think any type of production is at Pyrmont other than admin office staff. Correct me if im wrong?


So are Fairfax (Google are taking over Fairfax’s lease)


I take it this move includes Seven Group Holdings (who have majority stake in SWM), run by Kerry Stokes’ son Ryan.

They are also located there.

Prime Media’s HQ (admin) is also there, anyone know if it’s in the same building?

Jones Bay Wharf (Pyrmont):
Classification, programming, rights and acquisitions, sport admin, legal and executive management (as well as other departments like HR, finance, etc).

Promotions done at Martin Place.

Broadcast and sport operations at Docklands in Melbourne.

Production, Yahoo7 & Pacific Magazines at Eveleigh (the Technology Park) in Sydney.

Other production at Docklands, as well as Global TV.

ASX registered office: Perth

I think that is wise, it looks ridiculously big, I wonder if every space was used?

On the water front, wouldn’t come cheap.

I’m sure network execs will be sad to see their Harbour view disappear :wink: