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Perhaps they need to increase the role/presence of on-screen hosts. Perhaps the host of the 11:30am news could co-host The Daily Edition with Tom Williams. Also I would cut the weather person on Sunrise and increase Natalie Barr’s role to include Seven Early News (or start Sunrise at 5am and either extending it to a 4 hour show OR extending The Morning Show to a 3 hour show and starting at 8:30am and increase advertorials)


Seven West Media has sold its share of 7Wonder, the UK production co-venture which makes My Kitchen Rules and factual, children’s and arts programming for British broadcasters.


Interesting Development…

Seven to axe Broadcast Centre jobs in joint venture with Nine


As already discussed in the Broadcast Facilities thread.


7 no longer putting weekly ratings results on the 7 West media site



Does this mean Yahoo7 portal will be split? Will SWM take back control of 7News and 7Sport websites?


Seven owns that currently redirects to Yahoo7 News. I suspect your speculation is correct.


Yahoo7 was no Ninemsn. Never stood a chance and I’m surprised Seven outlasted Nine in its efforts with an online portal. You could tell it’s days were numbered by the hideous homepage layout which looks like something you’d have seen in 2007.

Moving to a more straightforward puts them back on an even playing field with Nine now. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.


As per the press release issued this morning:

SWM is now focused on strategic development of Seven’s market-leading News and Public Affairs brands

SWM Chief Digital Officer Clive Dickens said: “7News, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Sunday Night and 7Sport are some of Australia’s most loved and powerful brands, and we are currently working on exciting new products for each of them, which we will announce shortly."



but still they did not pay shareholders a dividend for the 6 months to 31 December 2017


Seven will have to explain how they can make a profit from the cricket rights after stating they would be reducing the costs of sports broadcasting, and amidst the deep budget cuts at the network.


Surely 7 will just air what fox airs as a simulcast so 7 wont pay commentators etc?


But that doesn’t mean they were ever going to ‘give up’ on sports rights, including cricket?

I keep thinking back to what Hamish McLachlan said at the Logies “we build our network around sport”.

We’ve always known they love sport, have had a diverse range of sports in the 21st century and now they’re adding cricket.


Very interesting indeed… but from 7s Cricket press conference:

““The deal gives Seven over 400 hours of premium sport across the summer - more than double that
of the Australian Open, at a significantly less hourly cost.”


SWM WA boss John Driscoll has resigned from the company after just eight months in the role.

EDIT 15/5: SWM WA chief operating officer Maryna Fewster has been appointed acting CEO until a permanent replacement is found.



Maryna Fewster has been appointed SWM WA CEO on a permanent basis.


More redundancies at SWM at the regional papers announced yesterday.