Seven & Ten News (SCA)

Wonder if the weather conditions were causing trouble. They already didn’t have the bulletin on air from what they said due to power issues on the mountain and I know it doesn’t go via the mountain for the news playout but I wonder if there was an impact or techs trying to fix those issues and something missed for the bulletin.

Makenna reported a couple more stories over the weekend too for the Tasmanian bulletin. I think one was the Launceston running festival today from memory and our very own @Techster had a good one in my hood on the north west coast tonight too. Well done!

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Sounds like an audio monitor was up too loud in the studio.

Ten News evening updates in Bundaberg Qld. Oh dear, they’re terrible. The presenter (Victoria someone?) is so young and tentative, and not the best news reading voice.
I guess it’s probably a good opportunity to learn, but during prime time?

Victoria will get better with experience - in my opinion, I think she’s a great presenter. She’s only been presenting the updates since April (filling-in for Makenna Baily at first, before becoming her permanent replacement when Makenna started reporting for 7 Tasmania News). Some presenters start off tentative at first, but start growing in confidence as they continue to present the news updates.