Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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The closer on Nightly News > 7 Tasmania tonight went so long that the music ran out and then paused before looping back to the start again for a few seconds. It just kept going on and on and on.


The opener was also interesting


The parallax effect of that transition is still off, especially the “Live” text compared to the rest of the graphic. It just looks… wrong.

I wonder if they could repurpose the vertical blind transition they use on their YouTube uploads and use it for live crosses?


Forgot that one and a couple of other gremlins with timing through the night too. It was also Louise Hedger so must have been from Hobart last night.


Spencer Gulf montage from Monday:


How are they STILL using the old graphics package (except opener card and backdrop ofc)?!

Even the noodle updates out of Hobart have the new graphics for crying out loud!


Tasmania Updates from Tuesday:

Darwin Updates from Tuesday:

Central Updates from Wednesday:


God, these updates look tough. No B-roll or topical graphics at all and a lot of them go on for more than a minute.


The Reason why Rachel Williams filled in for Jo Palmer Tonight on Nightly News Tasmania is because Jo’s in Sydney to Support her Daughter Lily who’s Paired with Jett Kenny on Dancing with the Stars.


Just rewound (do you still rewind digital recordings?) back and rewatched and knowing that now I could definitely see some similarities between her and her mother then. Didn’t realise she was that old, saw her in some of the competitions a few years ago. Great to see, Andrew and Jo would be pretty proud.


Casey Treloar started presenting 7 Spencer Gulf last night:



That fake shot in the morning update looks quite good!


Agree, although the hideous name super really ruins it.


The colors are cool, but it could use work. Casey is about to be sucked into a blue void, along with the “plasma.”


…what do you mean by ‘fake shot’?


I’m referring to the greenscreen backdrop which sorta looks like its meant to be part of the Sunrise studio (the orange part of the backdrop).


If you look carefully, you can see “Sunrise” scrolling text just below her right shoulder.


7 Tasmania watermark popped up for the sport tonight.


I thought that’s what you meant. I’m pretty sure it’s a real set being used.