Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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Montage + Updates from Thursday bulletin with the altered titlecard:



What’s the bulletin called then?
The promos refer to it as “7 Tasmania News” ???


Logo: Nightly News > 7 Tasmania
Update cards and bug: Nightly News
URLs and social media handles: Tasmania Nightly News
Reporter sign-offs: 7 Tasmania News
In-conversation: Whichever one they choose in that moment
When the network crosses to them: 7 News (only when it suits)





From what I can see their social handles are Nightly News 7 Tasmania.


The display names might be that but the actual profile handles are “@tasmanianightlynews” for Facebook and Instagram, and “@tasnightlynews” for Twitter.


Ahh gotcha!


So, it looks like “Southern Cross News” (SA-GTS/BKN) will be rebranded to “Nightly News 7 Spencer Gulf” when it returns on 14 January at 7.00pm on 7TWO.


Broken Hill misses out on being in the name of the news?


So they’re moving it to 7TWO permanently as well?

Do you have a source?


This is not a new thing, as Broken Hill often gets left out by GTS-BKN over the last 30 years, as this clip from Media Watch dating back to 1990 shows.

Credit: MissBeavis10


If @Jer’s claims end up being true, I’m guessing any move to 7TWO would be temporary so as not to clash with summer sports on the main channel.


Have no idea, but for that week at least, it is scheduled for 7TWO at 7.00pm (Normally airs at 6.30pm)


Not sure if this is still the right thread to post for SCA’s news service in the Spencer Gulf/Broken Hill, but alongside its 1-month hibernation since Saturday, this year’s last Regional SA broadcast was also Abbey’s final time fronting the news.

I wonder who’ll take over her post by 14th January next year.


With the news service being rebranded to “Nightly News 7 Spencer Gulf” when it returns in mid-January, I wonder if it might’ve been the final time we’ve heard that piece of production music from 1989 used as the theme music?

I think this is the right thread, being a news service produced by SCA for one of their Seven affiliates.

Interesting. My guess is that in the New Year, the bulletin will be presented in Tasmania?

Having been employed by Prime7, WIN and SCA in recent years, it’ll also be interesting to see whether Abbey Donaldson stays in the media or moves onto something else.


Hope so! Also hope the new year sees a Tasmania-like opener for the Darwin and Central updates.


Will probably come out of Tasmania?


I am a little confused as to why Nine News now comes under this thread? I assume this is the thread to discuss Nine News produced by SCA (ie. on TDT) and the Nine News Regional thread is for discussion of Nine News produced by Nine for SCA (ie RQLD, SNSW, RVIC) and Darwin? Do SCA News updates air on Nine in any other JV/solus markets, such as GDS/BDN? If so I assume this is the thread for them.


It’s not that confusing. The Nine News in this thread’s title refers to Nine News Tasmania.

  • Nine News Regional thread = News produced by the Nine Network for SCA as part of their affiliation deal (bulletins for RQLD, SNSW, RVIC)

  • Seven & Nine News (SCA) thread = News produced in-house by SCA themselves (bulletins for Tasmania and GTS/BKN, updates for Central, Darwin and 9TDT)