Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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Why did they even have to change the name from Southern Cross News?


So that they’d have a unified brand across TV and the news versus separate ones. Still some polishing to do on the undecided news name though.


Because they announced they were changing and then when they couldn’t change people kept hassling them about why they weren’t changing as they were promised. It seems some people really take an announcement from the TV stations very seriously and get very upset when they’ve been let down.

Here’s a facebook post with their cross promotion for the cricket tomorrow too including the local Tas inserts into it. The post includes Nightly News at Six too! Another new name!


I guess it’s no different to the metro bulletins calling themselves “Seven News at 6” during promo VO. The bulletin is “Nightly News” and it’s on at 6pm. Less another name and more promotion-friendly.


Taken from a earlier link to a Facebook vid, the new generic promo:


From Wednesday …




In the “Sunrise Local Newsbreaks” does the Sunrise logo flip to the plain Seven logo or to Seven Tasmania’s?


They did a live cross to Launceston on Sunrise this morning and referred to Tom as a 7 News reporter. This whole situation with 7 and SCA is a bit weird imo…


I saw that when Nightly News > 7 Tasmania shared it on their Facebook page. I reckon had this happened a couple of weeks ago they probably still would have claimed him as a 7 reporter as 7 want it to seem like they have reporters everywhere and they’d ignore the Southern Cross part, either that or they’d call him a reporter. Good to see they did a live cross though!


Still, it’s a bit rich labelling a reporter as being from 7 News when it suits Seven, but SCA can’t label their content or reporters as 7 News because of no editorial control. It’s a weird relationship that’s for sure.


Basically the new affiliation deal should have included a discussion like this - You can use our branding, keep doing what you are doing with same staff but because you are representing our brand we will have final say on the content being produced in news. If anything that is deemed damaging to our brand we will intervene.

Its just such a mess at the moment.


Yeah, nah, that was never going to happen.

Seven would never dedicate a big part of someone’s day to going through the rundown line by line to see if it was adhering to their standards.

And SCA, quite rightly, would never agree to external oversight. They’d be understandably offended.

They should have just done it or not… the error was the apparent miscommunication and subsequent decision to reverse a publicly announced change.


Probably relaunch when they get back from the summer shutdown.


For those with OCD they have centered the opening titles to 7 Tasmania News. Crisis over.


What’s it called?



He speaks the truth! Capped from NNT’s YouTube channel.


And they lowered ‘Tasmania’! There is a jeebus!


Missed all of this. What a mess. There’s no good reason why they couldn’t have kept the bulletin branded as Southern Cross News


The first 9 regional updates are recorded at 15:55. And then are all recorded after 7. Usually they finish at 7:15.


Thanks. Makes sense and fits in with the start times on that channel. Usually there’s an hour between when a bulletin/update first airs in its home market and when it airs on VAST.