Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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This bit is new! The return from the ad break, I know I’ve seen this in Melbourne but do all other 7 News bulletins do it?

Like the others on the mainland it cycles through the place names.


Yeah, Seven News Sydney does something like that. Picture quality isn’t as good as the example from Tasmania though!


From the pure waters of Tasmania! Plus the cleaner air makes better photos without smog in the way!

Come for a visit sometime!



The shadowing on both the 7 and the Tasmania wordform is bugging me but I can’t put my finger on why


Finance and the cross to sport in the Hobart studio.


This may be a basic question but why is sport done from Hobart?


Hobart based reporter, but it alternates. Used to be obvious when it was Hobart because Hobart was “Newsroom” and Launceston was “Studio” and when Launceston Tom did it he was at the desk with Jo or Rachel. Now they both have the same backdrop so the only way to tell is which Tom it is doing it, Hobart Tom or Launceston Tom.


When Launceston Tom does, does he sit at the desk?


Nope, sitting privileges got revoked with the major relaunch earlier in the year. He stands just like the other one, I believe it’s the same area as the weather section.


He’s just off to the left of the newsreader when the sport is in Launceston. Well thats where he is when the news signs off anyway.


I don’t think there’d be enough room at that desk… a little too intimate and possible HR issues


Could easily fit 2. Similar shot to the Nine News regional bulletins.


And that looks sooooo good :stuck_out_tongue:


They (SCA) could always use the green screen in a similar fashion to weather. Waist-up shot, standing off-centre with story-specific graphics for each sport story. Think sport in Nine or Seven Gold Coast News.


I don’t get why the TASMANIA part of the logo isn’t vertically centred? If it was a mistake it’s a big one seen on nearly every graphic except the desk. Sorry, my OCD kicks in when I see it.

Shame they haven’t uploaded a video to their YT account. Waiting for a repeat to begin on VAST RN. Will post it here shortly.


It’s there… but its not… deleted, playback error or ‘processing’ depending on what error you get

ALso new domain:


Ahh so it is. Says [Deleted video] for me.


Opening sequence:

Geez they can’t centre anything correctly, can they?


Agreed on the centre-ing. It was the first thing I noticed after the title.


It’s a bit of a let down hey. But I think the rest of the opening graphics look a bit better than the previous. The glass panes look better and the map of Australia floats which looks cool IMO.