Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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The whole new Brand seems to be an odd mishmash; Why is there two different fonts styles and weights? Why did they go with such a disjointed name for their News Service?

For a Regional service, the previous Brand felt more polished than Seven News Perth to tell you the truth! :confused:


From what I can tell, possibly legal reasons. SCA obviously wanted to adopt the full network news branding (as they have with the Nine updates, their radio stations, etc.), but Seven said no.


If it does look like a downgrade they could lose viewers. Very interesting since they are known for being one of the strongest brands and clear news leader in Tas for so many years.


Maybe ‘Nightly News’ is a sub-brand of ‘7 Tasmania’, rather than it all being one name? Perhaps they’ll say:

"This is Tasmania’s Nightly News"


"[Reporter’s name], Tasmania’s Nightly News"

Guess we’ll find out, can’t imagine them saying “NightlyNews7Tasmania” all the time… :neutral_face:

Nightly News 7 Tasmania updated their profile picture.

2 hrs ·

Tonight, Southern Cross News Tasmania will take on a fresh new look as it becomes ‘Nightly News’.
Viewers can expect the same great local news they’re used to, which will continue to be produced in our newsrooms across the state.
The name change comes after SCA renewed its regional television affiliation agreement with the Seven Network in February. Facebook


Thought so. “Nightly News” is the brand, the “7 Tamania” part of the logo just identifies the location but likely won’t be used in regular speech.


Having thought about things a bit more, I wonder if they settled on the “Nightly News” name after market research indicated that a lot of viewers still call the service “Southern Cross Nightly News” after however many years? Wouldn’t surprise me if Prime did something similar too, rebranding the service as “Prime7/GWN7 Local News” after market research found that viewers still referred to the bulletin as “Prime Local News” even many years after the brand was phased out.

Yeah, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

If they’ve only swapped out the “Southern Cross News” name for “Nightly News 7 Tasmania” it’ll probably be OK (although still a bit clunky) from an On-Air perspective. But if Seven have told them to change their graphics & theme music, well I’m not exactly holding high hopes for this.

I reckon the Opening VO will probably be something like…

“This is Nightly News from Seven Tasmania with Jo Palmer”

Reporter signoff wise, probably something like “Louise Hedger reporting for Nightly News” or something like that would be my guess.


Or, my preference:
“This is the Nightly News with Jo Palmer”

“Louise Hedger reporting"


Or otherwise…

“This is 7 Nightly News Tasmania with Jo Palmer”

Rhymes doesn’t it?


Sure, if you mispronounce either Palmer or Tasmania.




The new Promo doesn’t look too bad I gotta say, maybe we should hold our thoughts…

I think there is some confusion with the new name, as it’s addressed as “7 Tasmania’s Nightly News” in the video. the Facebook Page should be named “Nightly News - 7 Tasmania” to avoid confusion and indicate ‘Nightly News’ is a sub-brand of 7 Tasmania.


Just saw my first update with the look, doesn’t look as bad as I thought. Trying to get the caps.

Was in the process of rebuilding all my computers today so I’d wiped them all today, didn’t need this today!


I think a change of this magnitude requires eggplant :eggplant:


One of the updates - the 7 Tasmania and the Local News flip throughout.


The flip in and out looks completely messed up. That bug with the ‘Nightly News > 7 Tasmania looks way better’


I’m waiting now for someone to make the old “Southern Cross News” mistake.

Voiceover was something along the lines of “Live from our 7 Tasmania Studios your Nightly News with Jo Palmer begins now”

Sign off from stories is “Reporter Name, 7 Tasmania News” which is interesting.

7 Tasmania big logo on the second screen in front of the desk. Definitely was a launch of the 7 Tasmania brand last night then if it was the first time it appeared on the screens and is now being plastered across the news and I’d imagine other things from now on.

No watermark or other logos in the corner unlike the updates earlier.


I wonder if Seven will think that “7 Tasmania News” is still too similar. SCA should try to push the “Nightly News” brand more just in case.


Honestly, what a mess this is.
7 Tasmania News
Nightly News
Nightly News, 7 Tasmania
7 Tasmania Nightly News

pick one and stick with it.


A few caps from the opener and early into the bulletin, everything all pretty much the same from now on so far.

EDIT: They just went to an adbreak, it consisted of the 3 or 4 upcoming stories and then the zoom out and flip of “7 Tasmania” to “Nightly News > 7 Tasmania” as above in the caps.