Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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Being pedantic here, but I don’t like that they use the exact same weather card for the 7 Darwin and 7 Central updates.

The 7 Darwin update should have locations close to Darwin only.
The 7 Central update is fine, with a variety of locations listed, but could benefit from having 2 lots of locations, rather than just the 1 list.


The SA bulletin is still being done in Canberra? There are claims it is now done out of Hobart. I did notice on Instagram that Donaldson purchased a new ACT registered car in early October.


Yep, still in Canberra. A fill-in presenter read it from Hobart a couple weeks ago though.


Hence my query as to whether the Darwin and Central noodles were still shared. Also my comment that the Central bulletin seems rather NT-centric, when their footprint extends into every state bar WA.


I have finally been able to record a whole day of SC News channel 410 to get a schedule. Man it’s a mess. They could really spread it out a lot better than it is.

I’m curious as to what time 9 News Regional updates begin to air, and how many versions of them are made throughout the day. Does anyone know?

Start Program
1200 9 News Tas Updates 1min Arvo
1300 9 News Tas Updates 2min Arvo #1
1400 9 News Tas Updates 2min Arvo #2
1500 9 News Tas Updates 2min Arvo #3
1600 9 News Tas Updates 2min Arvo #4
1700 9 News NSW Updates 40s Arvo
1705 9 News Victoria Updates 40s Arvo
1710 9 News Tas Updates 2min Arvo #4 (cont.)
1800 9 News Qld Updates 40s Arvo
1810 9 News Tas Updates 2min Arvo #4 (cont.)
2000 9 News NSW Updates 40s Evening
2005 9 News Victoria Updates 40s Evening
2010 7 Central News Updates 1min Evening #1
2030 7 Darwin News Updates 50s Evening #1
2040 9 News Tas Updates 40s Evening #1
2050 9 News Qld Updates 40s Evening
2100 7 Central News Updates 1min Evening #2
2140 7 Darwin News Updates 50s Evening #2
2150 9 News Tas Updates 40s Evening #2
2200 7 Darwin News Updates 50s Evening #3
2230 9 News Tas Updates 40s Evening #3
2300 9 News Tas Updates 1min30s Evening #4
2320 7 Darwin News Updates 1min Evening #4
2340 9 News Tas Updates 1min30s Evening #4 (cont.)
0000 Closed


Presumably the 7 Central updates are shown on there for catch-up purposes? Because I would’ve thought that most VAST viewers with access to the Regional News Channels would also receive a version of 7 Central.

You’d also think SCA (who I presume is in charge of running this service) would’ve tried to get full Nine News Regional QLD, SNSW and Victorian bulletins on VAST by now.


I’d say no one has access to just the regional news channels without getting 7 Central as well. Maybe Media Monitors or even the networks themselves have a special subscription to them?

I just can’t get over how much air time 9 News Tas gets, considering it’s their smallest viewer base. Surely that whopping 1 hour and 50 minute chunk of the same Tas update in a loop could be padded out with the earlier 9 News Regional updates?

Yes, SCA run this service from Canberra. Even if they don’t have the space to launch 8 channels (which is what it would take if they follow the same format as NBN News, as in, 2 hour-long bulletins back-to-back per channel), they could at least play the updates more often throughout the afternoon and evening on this channel.


What is the point of the channel and how does it work?
Does the update loop for the designated hour?

If it’s just a loop of 60 second updates this would have to be a massive waste of time and resources.

Who would watch even if the content was worthwhile which, from what I’ve seen on here, it is definitely not.


There are three versions. Afternoon, first airing in final ad break of Afternoon News, then twice in Hot Seat. The second one airs towards the end of Hot Seat that Eddie throws to.

Then the last one is the Evening update that airs about three times, usually first up in the program after A Current Affair.


Yep. These channels are designed to give local news to people who are in a terrestrial black spot and have to resort to VAST. One of the biggest complaints about the service that preceded VAST was the lack of local news. I agree that it’s a waste of resources, but it is what it is.


The new-look Central updates are clearly split North-South. How long has this been the case? Older caps by different people seem to indicate merged Darwin/Central updates at one point.


Yes, I’ve wondered about this too. Do Darwin basically get the “North” version of the Noodles, branded differently, or their own bulletin?


Different Darwin, North and South versions:


Thanks @Abesty for clarifying and sharing those updates. Quite impressed SCA are providing separate updates to the three markets and these stories would feel somewhat local to most viewers. I notice Darwin and Central North share the same towns on the weather summary, but South viewers didn’t get any weather news at all on that particular update.


I’m not so fond on the Static Backdrop in the Seven Updates…


Worth noting that the Youtube page for Southern Cross News Tasmania is now called Nightly News 7 Tasmania.


What a name.
That’s disgusting.


They probably will, but I really hope they won’t use the same graphics in Tasmania they’re using for the Noodle Updates! :confused:


That’s what I’m scared they’re going to do…