Seven News Spotlight

Here’s Media Bites discussing the SMH editorial on chequebook journalism.

The Sydney Morning Herald accused of hypocrisy after criticising the Seven Network for engaging in chequebook journalism.#MediaBites #MediaWatch

— Media Watch (@ABCmediawatch) April 11, 2024


Is that the news or sunrise set?

Sunrise, with the desk and couch removed and black flooring over the riser.

They’ve added another riser in front of the main Sunrise screen, something covering that shelving next to the couch area, plus some screens added behind the audience etc.

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That’s what I thought. Can see it now, and a solid block replaces the bookshelves and checkered light panel (or covers them).
For some reason, I thought the light blue wall with the etched curved sun rays above the blue/orange on the main set was permanent, not an image.

Just saw the on air promo. Much easier to tell it’s the Sunrise set

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I was referring to claims made that Seven paid for drugs and prostitutes.

There was always the rent thing for a year which Seven claimed that Bruce was assisted with accommodation costs during filming which was completely misleading.

Paying the Cleo Smith family $2m is a little different to some of the people Spotlight has chosen to pay extraordinary sums to.

There are others mentioned in the Media Watch episode like scammer Belle Gibson and convicted thief Arabella Del Busso.

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I’d say it is. The branding for Spotlight is just a cover


The soap opera continues.

All the flooring bits don’t fit together very well, especially noticeable in front of the main screen.



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Ex-Spotlight producer Taylor Auerbach has dropped a new bomb on Channel 7 sending a concerns notice regarding comments purportedly made by a number of the network’s executives.

The concerns notice names Seven chief executive James Warburton, Kerry Stokes’ longstanding right-hand man Bruce McWilliam and producer and blogger Robert McKnight, and refers to comments it is claimed they made over the cocaine and sex scandal that emerged around the program’s explosive interview with Bruce Lehrmann.

Seven insiders have told that Auerbach’s first concerns to the network notice alleged he had been defamed by statements that Seven published to ABC’s Media Watch program on or around March 25, 2024.

But a second concerns notice from Auerbach has now been sent raising concerns about comments reportedly made by outgoing CEO Mr Warburton in an email to all Seven staff. It also concerns comments made by Mr McWilliam outside the Federal Court to Sky News’ Caroline Marcus and comments made by Spotlight producer McKnight on his podcast.

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Obviously everyone at Seven felt like they needed to stick together and discredit Taylor Auerbach by making him sound like a disgruntled ex-employee. This is going to get very messy if they keep pursuing him because I’m sure Auerbach has more dirt to dish up on all of them.

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I don’t think it was a long bow.


But they were desperate to hide their dirty laundry and thought doing that would make him stop. By the looks of things, that just made him lash out harder. He didn’t care that his own behaviour looked bad too.

I’d say in hindsight, they stuffed up. If they just kept quiet, there could have been some doubt on what he was saying. But seeing everyone come at him, all at once, just convinced people he was telling the truth.

The secrets of The Governess

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7NEWS Spotlight: The secrets of The Governess This Sunday at 8.40pm on Channel 7 and 7plus


Isn’t she on the 7 payroll?

Sounds like a plug for The Chase


I didn’t realise Charles Wooley from 60 minutes had joined 7

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