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Yep, looks great.


It looks great in the caps. Watching it, the only thing was that when the camera panned back and forth, it would lose focus and blur badly. One of the perils of automated I suppose.


Sunday 10 December
Busting The Scammers
Spotlight takes you inside the international sting to catch out the scammers targeting innocent Australians.

Sunday 17 December
Sex Teacher / Saving Australia’s Amazon
It was the interview that had the world talking. Matt Doran sat down with school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau who’d sexually seduced her student Vili Fualaau.

The Walkley Foundation has revoked the nomination given to Seven Spotlight’s Trial and Error story about Bruce Lehrmann after reviewing documents released by the federal court.

Documents revealed Channel Seven paid Lehrmann’s fortnightly rent of $4,000 for a period in June for exclusive access to the former Liberal staffer.

Full statement.

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A shock interview conducted by Matt Doran which aired on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night in Australia has resurfaced following the release of new Netflix drama, May December.

May December was released on November 17 and started streaming on Netflix on December 1 in the US. It is set for release on Netflix in Australia on February 1, 2024.

Doran interviewed Mary and Vili for Sunday Night in 2018, and the sit-down appears to be inspiration for a scene in the film.

Everything seven touches lately turns to shit.

Absolute contemptuous behavior.

Loving the comments attached to this story. Absolute gutter move yet again by a gutter network.


I don’t think TVT got the amendment before that was published. Seven will be playing the movie New Year’s Eve to ring in the new year.


Thanks for the correction. Not sure why they ever thought it would be a smart idea to denigrate transgender children on New Years Eve.

I stand corrected. The article was published first and after seeing the info from TVT, Seven changed their mind. The episode will still air in Perth earlier in the evening.

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Well in that case, congrats to David Knox for calling 7 out on their hate campaign!

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I don’t know if hate campaign is the right term but I think it all comes down to one phrase: ‘They don’t care’ in regards to which Spotlight episode they want to play. They’ve got a lot in their library yet they decided to choose this one because they just didn’t care as long as it filled the slot.

A hate campaign would be if they deliberately chose this episode to antagonise and divide the audience, doubt it is what’s happened in this case but more so laziness IMO.

Some caps of the studio shots for the repeat of the John Farnham episode that aired last night. Probably not the best quality because they came from 7Plus.


First episode of the year slotted in late on Sunday.

Who Killed Leanne Holland

Sunday 4 February 9:45 pm

The discovery of a 12-year-old girl’s body in bushland, just 8km from her home, shocked a community. Yet, in 2009, the conviction of her presumed murderer was overturned.

Seven trying to spoil an upcoming episode of Under Investigation on the same topic.

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