Seven News Content and Appearance

When they throw to a break and promote what’s coming up… News sting, sport sting, weather sting etc

With daylight savings coming to a close in Adelaide, Seven News with their still backgrounds has re-equipped their nighttime backdrop… and it seems Festival Tower (the tall blue tower next to Mike’s head) has shrunk as well!

Daytime background:

Nighttime background:

These caps were both taken on the same day.


Is it just me or does the daytime cap look very uncanny valley? Festival Tower and the Casino extension look like CGI renders added in.

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I think they did the same with the previous titlecard, they photoshoped in the upgrades to the convention centre.

Looks like the same has been done with the Sky City hotel and the Flinders Uni building.


This looks terrible, on par with that shocking backdrop loop Seven News Sydney used from 2014-16.

Why on earth 7 Adelaide swapped out their live shot for this is beyond me. Hopefully it will eventually return.


Live shot was blurry and unattractive.

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One would think the content of the bulletin should take higher priority over a blurry camera, but what do you think of Nine? Not ignoring Seven’s, but the set at Nine Adelaide would be higher quality yet they choose to choose a live shot that is probably as old/the same quality as Seven Adelaide.

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Seven Sydney from Bondi


Lots of issues with the wall screen images so far in the special Bondi Tragedy bulletin.
Firstly showing a test pattern in one square, then after changing to another background and coming back, same issue. Then in the next segment, wrong reporter appeared on screen.
Edit: issues seemed to stop after this


Think you will find 7News 6pm bulletin rates number 1 in Canberra too. And yes, it is the 7Sydney bulletin. The last standalone composite 6pm bulletin produced in Canberra by Prime in the early to mid 1990s died a dismal flop as it was not the same quality of the metro bulletin it briefly replaced. The viewers were not stupid and left in droves, albeit 10 Captial News was still the market leader at the time at 6pm.

umm yeah

Seven News bribe promo

Then varies per market e.g.


Is this new? I saw this on today’s Afternoon Sydney News, I also saw an ender that used the same slogan Melbourne uses - ‘Nobody Knows News Better’.



Just bring back “Nobody knows (Insert City) like Seven”


Cheap and tacky. understands that news and current affairs boss Craig McPherson told the board he was left in the dark over Spotlight producer Taylor Auerbach’s alleged socialising with Bruce Lehrmann involving brothels and prostitutes.

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Last night’s Sydney opener:

Today’s 5pm news opener (presented from Adelaide):


Perth go earlier tonight 5.30
With Derby58 at 6.10 pm


QLD afternoon breaking news opener

Nine similarly opened with a cross to their news room.


Noticed that Seven News Perth used these types of screen graphics (still green screen) in tonight’s bulletin. Haven’t seen this before produced for Perth.