Seven News Content and Appearance


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There’s no way she would have been ‘live’ on location. They often have pre recorded reports from location and they don’t say they’re live.

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That’s the point of the comment.

Finals promo


This looks really clean and fresh. Great look for something mid-bulletin I would think.

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Ad in the Illawarra Mercury:


is 7 news at 6 or 8 due to footy


Following tonight’s match.


BCM no longer have any playout capacity, long gone with circuits to transmission sites long pulled out and cancelled. The gear was mostly end of life with some useable bits and pieces sent interstate repurposed to other Seven stations. Broadcast DR for Seven these days is over at Macquarie Park in Sydney.
The only ‘playout’ that BCM has done since the move of broadcast playout to Sydney is some special event streaming switching they did for the last Olympics for 7plus.
BCM Master Control is purely a contribution and production support Master Control now with no transmission function, long gone, and no longer staffed 24/7.


Tonight, 7News Brisbane crossed to Sally Geyte on Caxton St for coverage of the Broncos game. Picture was extremely blurry.


Brisbane - not a lot of coverage at the start of the bulletin.




Joys of 5G broadcasting

Seven News Melbourne started at 6.02pm today due to late finish to the VFL Grand Final.


Inb4 you-know-what


7News Brisbane had Shane Webcke on set during the first few minutes of tonight’s bulletin to talk about the Bromcos chances in the NRL GF.
Katrina and Shane chatted and exchanged a laugh.


Two minutes late. Do we really need to report this?


Seven and Nine Brisbane tonight, perhaps unsurprisingly, lead with the local Lions and Broncos making the Grand Finals. As did Melbourne (but a focus on Collingwood obviously and the Ticketek queues/fiasco & MCG).

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For Seven Brisbane that was the second story after a breaking news report.


7NEWS wins 2023

#1 every single week this year, biggest lead since 2019

The Seven Network’s 7NEWS has cemented its position as the most-watched news program in Australia, claiming the #1 spot every week so far in 2023 and establishing its biggest lead since 2019.

With 162 bulletins a week nationally, 7NEWS is #1 this year in Melbourne and Victoria, #1 in NSW, #1 in Queensland, #1 in Adelaide and South Australia, #1 in Perth and Western Australia, and #1 in Tasmania. It has closed the gap in Sydney to an average of just 5,000 viewers or 2%, and in Brisbane it is a photo finish of just 1,000 viewers a night.

7NEWS Monday to Friday reaches 2.1 million people every day and has an average national weekday audience of 1.36 million viewers, 37% bigger than its nearest competitor.

Across the capital cities, 7NEWS Monday to Friday reaches an average of 1.32 million people every evening and leads its closest rival by 15%.

In Sydney, 7NEWS Monday to Friday has increased its audience by 3.1 commercial share points year-on-year. It is up by 2.5 share points in Melbourne, 2.0 share points in Brisbane, and 5.6 share points in Adelaide.

In the capital cities, 7NEWS Monday to Friday’s commercial share so far this year is 41.9%, or 6.3 share points ahead of its nearest rival. In regional markets, its commercial share is 47.3%, or 22.4 share points in front.

7NEWS is also Australia’s #1 choice on the weekends. 7NEWS Sunday has an average national audience of 1.33 million viewers, 22% bigger than its nearest competitor, while 7NEWS Saturday has a national average audience of 1.05 million viewers, 31% bigger than its nearest competitor.

Seven’s Network Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, said: “It’s extremely satisfying that 7NEWS has grown its dominance in 2023 throughout all of Australia and in key markets.

“To be Australia’s #1 news source gives all our teams great pride and with it, responsibility to keep delivering accurate and high-quality content for all our markets as we herald over 6,000 hours of broadcast news this year.”

The success of 7NEWS on TV is matched on social media. 7NEWS has 12.3 million followers on Facebook alone, plus 1.3 million on Instagram and 1.44 million on YouTube.

7NEWS vertical video is now viewed more than 200 million times a month across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The number of 7NEWS YouTube subscribers has increased about 50% so far this year and the number of TikTok followers has soared more than 150%. has had a record year and is now entrenched among the most-read news sites in the country, with its audience growing in every state in combined page views – eclipsing the one billion mark over the past 12 months for the first time in the site’s history, a 20% increase year-on-year. Its lifestyle vertical, 7Life, was the leading lifestyle news brand in Australia during the first half of 2023, according to Ipsos iris.

Leaning into the broadcast might of 7NEWS, 2023 also represents the best ever year for video plays on, up 31% over the same period last year.

7NEWS Monday to Friday

  • Reaches 2.1 million people nationally
  • Average audience of 1.36 million
  • #1 weeknight news program
  • #1 every week in 2023
  • 37% more viewers than closest competitor

7NEWS Monday to Friday, average audience

7NEWS Sunday

  • Reaches 2.15 million people nationally
  • Average audience of 1.33 million
  • #1 Sunday news program
  • 22% more viewers than closest competitor

7NEWS Saturday

  • Reaches 1.74 million people nationally
  • Average audience of 1.05 million
  • #1 Saturday news program
  • 31% more viewers than closest competitor

Source: OzTAM Metro, Regional, Seven News Hour, Nine News Hour, M-F, Sat, Sun, CYTD 2023, SYTD 2023, Average Audience, Commercial Share %, Reach, Consolidated 7.


Interesting they mention Tasmania in there.