Seven News Content and Appearance

Surely it was just during an ad break?

Even so, like surely regular updates and the next bulletin would suffice.

Could be part of building a reputation/perception in the market for the best news service - they could use this in an “only Seven News” campaign.

Edit: Looks like this will be the number one story in Sydney tonight - so Seven can go with “First on Seven” if they wish.


After a brief mention earlier, Seven has now switched to live coverage of city fire. Providing rolling coverage, with no adverts.

4:50pm still continuing with coverage, no ads. Excellent coverage from Seven.

First on the scene

Coverage continuing past 5pm.

Seven finished coverage at 5:10pm.


According to the Nine News page, 7 were about 10 minutes behind. Why was that? Don’t they share the chopper these days? Or did 9 have exclusive pictures before the chopper?

That’s correct on Seven’s rolling coverage starting 10 minutes after Nine’s. Seven were just covering other stories - even went to a break before picking up the coverage. Nine’s only pictures came from the pool chopper. Once Seven got going, though, they were very good.


Up on the Sunshine Coast, and the editing of the Brisbane bulletin from 60 mins to 30 mins looked a bit clunky tonight… seems like Max and Sharyn were reading “coming up” previews then they crashed part way into Sharyn reading the next item… is it normally like this? If so, I imagine Albury is similarly affected with the editing of the Melbourne bulletin.

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I have seen bulletins where they read the first two headlines then abruptly cut to the opener

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The move over day is in early June.


Out by EOFY as predicted

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Mark McGowan resignation Press Conference in WA, only captured midway through and end:


QLD tonight