Seven claims victory in 2018 ratings

I fully agree with you. At the end of the day, it’s about advertising dollars, which pays all the bills. No point bragging about being a ratings winner or have the most Logie nominees/winners (I am looking at you Nine and TEN!).

But the question is - Is Nine still No. 1 in advertising revenue?

I don’t think that’s officially measured by Oztam?

No its not. But surely that is the measure all networks want right?

If that’s the case, Media Spy might as well eliminate the very sub-forum we’re making these comments in…

Very broad when they aren’t leading in Sydney and Melbourne. To be fair though, their leads in Adelaide and Perth are uncontested and they easily win with all of their daytime bulletins.

I’m actually surprised that the press release didn’t say:
No. 1 Current Affairs- Today Tonight

Anyway, I thought Sunday Night was doing well?

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Neglected to mention Brisbane news, probably their biggest achievement in 2018 and longer…

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Don’t get me wrong. I still get excited reading about networks bragging about their respective victories. :slight_smile: