SBS Audio (formerly SBS Radio)

@Weeman88 what are you losing it for?

SBS Radio 3 will now be used for additional language services during the day, therefore not just the BBC.


I’ll have a take another look post October 5th.
Re this webpage

Several of the FM radio services eg Brisbane 93.3
are actually carrying the ‘SBS Radio’ service, which is a different service to either the SBS Radio 1 or 2 services in case anyone was confused…?


This has always been confusing due to a lack of program guides in the past. Was explained years ago the FM service was a composite of SBS Radio 1 & 2. Is that still the case?

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From what I’ve heard from Hobart & Brisbane FM frequencies & comparing with SBS Radio, 1 & 2 (the 3 services) web schedule recently I’d say yes.


That’s always been the case on radio - only certain cities ever had separate Radio 1 and 2 services; the others had a combined service. TV/DAB+ of course have all the separate services. The table in the announcement refers to the single service as the “NRN” (national radio network) but like “radio 1” and “radio 2” that’s never really said out loud.

Incidentally, that “how do I listen” says Newcastle is one of those stations with two (outside of SYD/MEL/CBR), they actually mean Wollongong, as the frequency list makes clear [1485 is Radio 1, 1035 is Radio 2 - curiously they don’t have separate callsigns, they are both “2EA” officially].

The program guide for radio is combined with their TV one - by selecting (say) Brisbane on there you can see “SBS Radio” as (currently) picking from Radio 1 and 2 - usually “as ‘live’” from either but not always.


Yet SBS Radio (the composite feed) isn’t available to stream


I think SBS should make localised composite signals based on the population being serviced.

Plenty of regional centres have fairly unique mixes of migrant communities, or indeed more content from NITV Radio in many remote locations.

SBS probably should also at their SBS Radio on DAB where they have such a composite service, perhaps just as “SBS FM” or similar as appropriate.


Given the structure of SBS’ audio side, they’d easily say “why do you need it when you have both Radio 1 and 2 available” (and other services now they’ll be using Radio 3 and PopDesi for more live content too, not to mention Arabic24 which I always forget about)

ie. if you’re primarily listening through streaming already, why would people who’d want the language services be worried that they are missing an inferior service to what Sydney and Melbourne get?


Caught this on Wednesday in Western Sydney.


:thinking: :thinking:

I mean, Radio 6 (as the World Service simulcast and “extra” channel) actually did exist at one point, but only in the very early days of DAB+ when SBS ran extra “+2 hour” timeshifted versions of Radio 1 and 2… of course was more recently crumpled into Radio 4 and then Radio 3 branding.

I can’t imagine that’s any more than an anomaly though; the backlash against losing full-time World Service wouldn’t have been THAT big to consider reinstating it.

also realising after the fact that this may be a iPod-dock hotel bedside radio that likely hasn’t been updated since 2009… wouldn’t be surprised by that at all :roll_eyes:


From the upfronts

SBS Audio announces new destination channel for Australia’s South Asian community

SBS Audio demands different with Australia’s most distinctive podcast line-up

SBS Upfronts 2024 - #18 by TV.Cynic


Still think they should do a radio for media spy :sweat_smile:

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Especially as we like their numerical branding for stations.


SBS Chill is doing another Chillest 100 this coming New Year’s Day.

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SBS spoke to its Italian Executive Producer, Magica Fossati and SBS Amharic Executive Producer Kassahun Negewo, who bring almost 50 years of radio experience between them, about how their work is making a difference for Australia’s multicultural communities.

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