Regional Radio (non-SCA)


They could probably get away with 1 kW from Mount Panorama like 2MCE in that case. 95.1 may still be DXable if this comes to pass, though I would still lose weak As from Gippsland.


“To reduce the chance of competition” is what that means.

Where are the corresponding translators for B Rock?


I don’t think they have any.


Exactly. So they’re not needed


Midwest Radio Network breaches local news rules

Lithgow based radio station 2LT breached a condition of its broadcasting licence by failing to broadcast enough local news bulletins in January and February 2018.

The finding was reached by the Australian Communications and Media Authority which investigated a listener complaint that the station did not broadcast any local news bulletins on several days between 23 January and 28 February 2018.

Under its regional radio content obligations, 2LT is obliged to:

• meet ‘minimum services standards’ - by broadcasting at least 35 local news bulletins per week

• take all reasonable steps to comply with its approved local content plan – which also contemplates the broadcast of at least 35 local news bulletins per week.

2LT accepted that it had failed on both counts in the period due to resourcing and administrative challenges.
‘Local news bulletins are a vital source of information for Lithgow residents,’ said ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin. ‘They must be a priority for regional radio licensees.’

The ACMA’s enforcement powers for breaches of licence conditions relating to regional radio news and information include enforceable undertakings, remedial direction or suspension/cancellation of the licence.
Midwest Radio Network has confirmed that local news bulletins resumed in March 2018 and that it has implemented measures to avoid future non-compliance including improved managerial oversight.

‘This is the first breach of a licence condition by Midwest Radio Network. The ACMA is confident that the actions the Network has taken will ensure it delivers the right amount of local news bulletins in the future,’ Ms O’Loughlin said.


and thus the ACMA continue their toothless existence. What an omnishambles those two stations are - thank goodness they aren’t getting their hands on 2BS and B-Rock


And the former PD just got a new job with the serial ACMA infringer, SCA.
Ophelia Joins SCA Rockhampton

Ophelia Standley-Thompson, former Program Director in Lithgow with Midwest Radio Network, has taken up a new role as Promotions Manager at SCA in Rockhampton.


Can someone explain to me why this station gets pulled up for not enough local content yet commercial station 4FC in Maryborough is allowed to broadcast zero local content and just relay 4TAB?


From the ‘Broadcasting Services (Regional Commercial Radio — Material of Local Significance) Licence Condition 2012’

(1) For subsection 43(1) of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992:
a) the purpose of this Instrument is to impose conditions on a regional commercial radio broadcasting licence; and
b) those conditions create obligations on the person who holds the licence.

(2) This Instrument does not apply to a regional commercial radio broadcasting licence that is:
a) a remote area service radio licence;
b) a regional racing service radio licence; or
c) a licence allocated under subsection 40(1) of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

I recall reading here that it was argued that those services were/are operated at a loss, and thus can be considered a narrow interest service. While others may know better than I (and I suspect they will), that would justify LPON/HPON horse racing repeaters, as well as the odd blocks of coverage on some community radio stations.

The same applies to 3SR Shepparton and 3BT Ballarat, which simulcast RSN 927 Melbourne (the old 3UZ)


I do think that stations like 3BT, 3SP and 4FC should be moved to a HPON AM frequency, and these frequencies be sold to someone that can run it as a proper commercial radio service that complies with the local content/news provisions.


Could certainly see 3SR going to ACE and BT to Grants, perhaps 4FC too?

edit: forgot about Grants owning the two Ballarat licenses - could be an ACE pick up


What is interesting to @Brianc68’s question is that this section was required to be amended as originally, such stations were in technical breach.

4TAB addressed this by including Fraser Coast content in their breakfast show, tourism items and the like. I’m no racing fan, so I’ve never listened beyond, it may have been woven through commercial blocks prior to 8pm weekdays too. @4TAB-1008kHz, is that your recollection?


Snow and I guess adverse weather including black ice across Orange, Bathurst and Lithgow markets.

How did the six commercial stations cover it?

Any updates or the best of networked dross from Sydney, the Gold Coast and elsewhere?

Ranting Ray bellowing bulletins into his talk show across all three markets?

God forbid, any dropping of networking and local announcers on outside their usual small windows?

How was the weather in Katoomba RA1? Edge missed local programming regulations again?


Well, Lithgow RA1 has only 4 media voices within the licence area, with SCA owning a TV licence within the licence area. If SCA were to buy 2LT/Move FM, it would be below the required minimum number of voices (4) for a regional radio licence area.

That being said, it’s a wonder why other companies such as Grant, Caralis & Capital were not being considered to buy 2LT/Move FM from the receivers a number of years ago.


By chance, flicked to AM, ‘dial’ on AM 1143.

Can confirm 4HI & therefore the Resonate network must still be tied to their MRN post sale conditions.

Steve Price and the irrelevant 2GB content still being force fed onto the country Qld audience.

How much longer is this rubbish going to go on for?

Compare the content, 2GB Sydney centric, KO FM’s regional Aus night talk program or simply music out of the station’s computer - but more likely from a remote location closer to Brisbane. You’d think the latter two would be better?

Terrible choice for audience and clients.


Back in the day, the QLD network ran a different ad block to 1008 via the satellite which had essentially Maryborough specific content (which went state wide).
Eventually the department amended the act. I can’t recall the reasoning/justification used.
We are “allowed” to broadcast zero local content because the act says that we’re not obliged to do so, unlike 2LT.


Thanks, great to hear from you @4TAB-1008kHz. It’s coming back to me now, I remember a conversation with Kempy (former long serving GM) on the lengths needed to satisfy requirements for Maryborough.


Yeah they used to refer to it as the “Maryborough Buy Swap and Sell”.


I looks like Resonate’s Charters Towers stations have dropped their SCA affiliations.
The West FM QLD facebook page says the station is broadcast on 4CHT (along with 4LRE Longreach and 4CCC Charleville). Both stations are no longer listed as options on the hit and Triple M websites, and 4GC started a new facebook page in April.


Tried asking them direct what’s going on?

They are still taking MMM nightshift overnight?