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I don’t even remember this one. I must admit i thought they went straight from CBC to Newsradio.

Which shows came out of Melbourne?

The only thing i did like from 3AK CBC was that they had the 2UE news intros with the time calls “:drum::drum:… it’s 9 o’clock… :notes:


Big band music… “All Time Greats, All The Time”


I was only a teenager in the 80s and whilst I was lucky enough to work with the stars and greats at 2UE my heart was down the road at 2SM.

I first worked at the station when they were Personality Radio with the 2UE logo in the thin blue line. I still have several station memos from the time.

I remember the jingles that 2UE used when AM stereo was launched - they were simple - 2UE Stereo 954. They sounded great in stereo.

During the “All Time Greats All The Time” era I was zoned out. As a teen this programming was totally unappealing. The only thing worse at that time would have been working at 2CH. Thank goodness for me this format did not last long! I may have ended up psychologically unhinged.


2UE Stereo 954


Sydney 95 2UE


2UE Singing clock - the midnight version was chilling (well it was to a kid)


Thankfully, that medley of old 2UE jingles posted for the 90th birthday celebrations a few years ago is still online:

There’s a minute long “All Time Great” jingle in there a bit, although but what I’d probably like to know is what era the “News To Me” jingle aired in!

The news theme medley:

Don’t some of the other stations in the Macquarie Radio Network still use that last news theme? Although from a Sydney perspective, I personally thought it worked better on Show Radio (they used it until 2012, adopting a more contemporary theme the following year) than it did on 2UE!

That was probably first launched in 1988 (there were a lot of rebrands in Australian TV & radio for the Bicentennial Year, so it wouldn’t overly surprise me if 2UE did one too) or sometime around then? Either way, it’s on YouTube:

…along with the accompanying news stings:

What I’d personally love to hear one day is a clean version of the old 2UE weather theme music they used in the 1990s/2000s which some regional or community stations (2CC Canberra & Alive 90.5 are places I’ve heard it in recent years) may still use to this day.

Also on the wish list would be a clean/full version (with or without a “2UE 954 News” VO) of the remixed “Radio Active” news theme used from 2012 until the Talking Lifestyle relaunch.


Around the traps, including at 2UE itself that Radio Active logo was dubbed “the exploding dunny” :grinning:


Those jingles aren’t in chronological order so it makes it difficult to put a year on some of them, but the “2UE is news to me” jingle has an 80s feel to it.

It probably came somewhere between Personality Radio and Radio Active, but I can’t be sure.


3AW certainly does, not sure about 4BC or 6PR.


Now here’s some history from 1985 - right after John Laws left 2UE and just before he started on 2GB.


Former long-time 2WS announcer Rob Neil has passed away after a long illness. He was 56.

Source: Radioinfo


I hit the heart but it is sad news so young.


Same - I probably would’ve hit a “crying” emoji reaction if one was made available.


Some holiday listening with historic FM station air checks from 1974 to about 1996. The project took a lot longer than expected with probably the hardest task selecting the clips. Hopefully there is something that will interest most with all states represented. Includes a couple of recordings associated with AM conversion. Also note, not necessarily in any particular order! Warning: runs for 45 minutes. :radio:


Thanks for making the effort, look forward to listening.


Great compilation! :slight_smile:

It was quite interesting to hear a snippet of Steve Blanda (long associated with radio news here in Sydney) presenting a bulletin for Fox FM in Melbourne.

Also just incase anyone was wondering, the Triple J regional expansion recording with Michael Tunn and Catrina Roundtree would’ve been from 26/1/1995.


Here is one that would be hard to source, but…

Would anyone have dates of when the Triple J and ABC FM expansion occured? And has their power ever increased in regional areas since they started?

What was the reasoning behind the duplication of ABC Local Radio on FM and AM in selected locations (Mid North Coast/Northern Rivers, Wide Bay/Burnett, Cairns). And howcome some AM Local Radio services converted and others didn’t? (Mackay, Mt Isa etc)


According to my notes Brisbane got JJJ on 30/11/90. ABC FM 08/80.


On 106.1?

ABC were happy with the FM coverage.

ABC were unhappy with the FM coverage, the AM sites are far removed and despite their high power on both bands, the primary signal areas are in complimentary positions.

That’s my educated guess. Actual comment from the ABC would be interesting, I suspect most have retired or moved on however.