Radio History

I don’t know exactly i think it was sometime around January 2001 just as Derryn Hinch was about to start there


The then-ABA decision to permanently move 1116 to 3AK would have taken effect at the start of 2001, with a simulcast period of two months.

But the LAP was successfully challenged in the Federal Court during the simulcast period, with one of the applicants previously having run the narrowcast licence previously on 1116, “3BM” (see comments made in this thread six years ago) - partly on grounds of not having consulted properly. (The other challenger was the group running Radio Hellas on “3XY” 1422.) I suspect the issue as much that the 1503 frequency was going to be used for community purposes and not narrowcast [the latter probably eventually got pushed to the 1593 frequency, still with Italian programming per Rete Italia and now SEN Track].

The orders on that did not come down until early April, which invalidated that part of the LAP until the ABA had fixed that up. For the time being, it was intending to offer 3AK temporary use of 1116 (they had been given 48 hours notice to determine what to do with 1116 in the meantime) until the consulting on that and on 1503 was complete.

Sounds like 3AK would have still started in January (as the challenge came during the simulcast, towards the end of January), but they were only “officially” became unequivocally confirmed as the holder of the 1116 licence in July, per ABA newsletter. Of course 1503 wound up being the indigenous 3KND eventually.


I can’t recall posting any of my own historical radio material in this thread, so here’s a contribution to break my ‘Radio History’ contribution virginity. :wink: :innocent:


This is the rear view of a Triple J condom pack.
I have more revealing (G rated) internal & frontal pics…of the condom pack, if anyone wants to see?

I suspect triple j was the first radio broadcaster in Australia to produce these tasteful :grin: promotional items. For radio history buffs these date back to 1990.

Does anyone know if ‘triple j’ produced any later (or earlier) Triple j promotional condom packs or if any other Australian radio broadcasters produced similar?


SYN FM in Melbourne did some 13 years later.