Radio History

What year do you reckon?


With the poster saying that the promotion concludes on Friday June 8, I’d say that it’s from 1990.




Jets FM - fly high with Jets FM
Knight FM - for a great radio station all day AND all Knight…Knight FM

Can only be in Newcastle of course, hint to SCA, you couldn’t do much better than any of these. At least you can’t put an S in front it to adequately describe your stations programming (S-Hit FM 106.9).


That’d work in Brisbane.

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When 3GL in Geelong converted to FM it took on the call-sign 3CAT, named after the Geelong Cats AFL team. But for whatever reason they chose not to use “CAT” name on-air and went with K-Rock


I think the official call sign was/still is 4RUM for Bundaberg’s Hitz FM.
They’ve never used RUM-FM on air though of course :slight_smile:


There’s stations like KATT in the US that use ‘Cat’ branding, so it wouldn’t have been crazy. Plus it at least doesn’t imply a format to the station like the ‘K-Rock’ branding did - though obviously that hasn’t stopped them.

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There is a community radio station called RUM FM though.
Nothing to do with the drink - Radio Upper Murray, east of Albury.

There is also Power FM, which in Ballarat was actually renamed Bulldogs FM for a day when Bulldogs played the Power in the first ever AFL game in Ballarat last year.

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The Cat would be a great name for a radio station in Geelong, K-rock’s call sign is 3CAT. Melbourne already has The Fox, so Geelong should have been called “The Cat”.

and 2CC in Canberra.

With a bit of discussion around 3EE lately with all the happenings at Talking Asterisk I’ve found this from their opening day. Courtesy of Alex Hehr.


I remember listening that morning! The station was due to open the previous Friday but had to postpone at the last minute. It was reported that some vital piece of equipment was realised to be still sitting at the docks!!


A Seven Nightly News item about the opening of 3EE.

And from the short-lived “Melbourne Extra” on Nine.

Both videos courtesy of ‘RIEGS-TV’.


My Dad switched from 3MP briefly but for talk always had 3LO for breakfast, morning and drive or MP for music and gardening on a Saturday morning. I enjoyed their footy coverage and occasionally rang their pre and post match tailback.


The reason why 3EE tanked in the ratings was because it sounded too similar to 3MP (the highest rating station in Melbourne at the time) even though 3EE promoted itself with TV commercials, and its spot on the dial was between ABC Radio National and 3LO (both attracting the same audience as 3EE). People were reluctant to move away from 1377 3MP. When 3MP bought 3EE they simulcasted on both 1377 and 693 taking advantage of the fact that 1377 has a weak signal in the north and west of Melbourne. The Australian Broadcasting Authority stepped in and forced 3MP to stop simulcasting, hence creating Magic 693.


It certainly did

Survey 7/1992 0.7% (3MP was No.1 on 15.0%)
8/1992 1.0%
9/1992 0.9% (for some reason there were 9 surveys in 1992?!)
1/1993 1.2%
2/1993 1.2%
3/1993 1.0%

To give those ratings some context, 3EE was literally at the bottom of the ratings. (3AK doing Radio Italia was not surveyed)

Then 3MP took over simulcast on 3EE from 28 May 1993

Magic 693 launched in March 1994 to a debut rating of 2.5% (Survey 3/1994), then more than doubled to 5.2% the next survey.


Does that mean 3MP was simulcasted on 693 for about 10 months?

I thought they got in trouble from the authorities for doing that.
So I’d be stumped if it went for THAT long…

Yep thats still their offical ACMA Callsign but it is never used on-air, only Hitz 9 3 9 is said on-air