I remember many years ago someone wrote, ‘we absolutely need a show like Q&A… but Q&A is not that show!’.


Hey, at least it’s good for starting Sky News Aus discussion. :rofl: :joy:

Q&A is actually returning? Good grief.the ratings have been dreadful lately.

It was once a good show to watch. Hasn’t it been the same over the last couple of years.

A series of specials might be ideal, rather than a full blown out series.

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Kill it and use it for some actual local news which the ABC has avoided in the last decade


Pretty sure I was the one who said that and think that becomes more and more evident the longer the show continues to stagger along.

Unless the ABC enjoys seeing a once successful show die a painful and drawn-out death, it should end Q&A and go to the drawing board about what a Q&A-type format/show should look like in today’s age.


According to The Australian’s Media Diary, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and NSW Jewish Board of Deputies jointly wrote a letter to the ABC on Friday, outlining concerns over tonight’s episode. The letter requested Nasser Mashni to be dumped from the panel, after the charity he founded was reported to be sending money to a Gaza-based health organisation accused of being affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The letter also urged caution over the appearance of Francesca Albanese and allegations she had made a series of “anti-Israel” comments.

2023 final Monday 27 November


So there was no threat to the show and no recent activities in Australia to suggest a threat? How is it any different to any other contentious Q&A debate. Seems sketchy and undermines the show even more than the ratings do.

Is this just a publicity stunt or did a panellist ask no audience?


Given the quality of some of the discourse around the matter, ditching the audience would have been viewed as a risk mitigation measure


Well, there was this last week:

EDIT: It appears that’s exactly what prompted the change:

Monday 20 November

Coming up on Q+A… Australia’s cost-of-living crisis. As families battle to make ends meet, navigating the tough economic climate and a raft of rate rises, it’s set to be a bleak festive season for some. How much more pressure can people take?

With home ownership now dubbed “the preserve of the rich” and the pandemic, inflation and low rental vacancies creating a “perfect storm” for young people, it’s the next generation who are taking the brunt of the cost crunch. What can the government do to help without adding to the inflation issue?

Meanwhile, online security is again front of mind with an attack that closed ports across the nation and the annual cyber threat report revealing that more Australians than ever say they’re being attacked by cybercriminals. Are Australia’s cyber defences strong enough? Or are we being left exposed to international hackers?

The alarming report comes after an outage from Optus left millions of customers in the dark and the company facing a potential class action. The telco giant is offering free data to those affected, but is that enough?

Q+A is live from Sydney on Monday, 20 November, 2023 at 9.35pm AEDT.

Stephen Jones
Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Financial Services
Stephen Jones has represented the Illawarra-based seat of Whitlam (previously Throsby) for Labor since 2010.

Dean Smith
Liberal Senator for WA
Dean Smith first entered the Senate as a Liberal for Western Australia in May of 2012.
In June 2022 he was appointed by Opposition Leader Peter Dutton to the Coalition’s three-member economics and treasury team as the Shadow Assistant Minister for Competition, Charities and Treasury.

Monique Ryan
Independent member for Kooyong
Monique was formerly the Director of the Neurology Department of the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, where she was head of a research program into nerve and muscle disorders of childhood. She is a professor of medicine at both Melbourne and Monash Universities.

Intifar Chowdhury
Youth Researcher & ANU Academic
Dr. Intifar Chowdhury is a youth researcher at the Australian National University (ANU). She is passionate about writing to better the political representation of all young Australians in our democracy.

Chris Richardson
Chris has worked at the Federal Treasury in Canberra, the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC, as well as Access Economics and Deloitte Access Economics.

Well, almost live it seems.

Wonder if he’ll some more time on the bench for highlighting this.


Ok? What a strange observation from him.

strange to come from an ABC employee but Q&A AFAIK has always claimed to be ‘live’ (at least in AEST/AEDST).


Wow, that’s got to have some career ramifications coming from an ABC employee. Does it actually really matter? It’s not a sports event where 20 minutes would be a huge issue and it’s not like it’s days in advance where situations can change rapidly.

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Not at all. 99% of things in this forum don’t really matter but it’s not unreasonable to question why some things happen. As I said the show has always created the impression of being ‘live’ but potentially now, given the show is often under tough scrutiny, there are editorial policies that dictate a delay, like the equivalent of the 7-second delay used in talkback radio.

Possibly the bigger curiosity is the fact this delay has been pointed out by an ABC employee. It’s not exactly derogatory or criticising his employer but it could create some public doubt over the show’s authenticity.

I happened to watch the show last night, first time in ages, and I think the bigger issue for me is the show’s failure to point out misinformation. One of the panellists was talking about the differences in accountability between Optus and Telstra, noting that Optus is a private company and Telstra is a government utility. Telstra is not anymore, but nobody thought to question the panellist as this misinformation undermined the point she was making.


Q+A used to feature a social media component (e.g. Twitter) that relied on live interaction with the audience. They don’t seem to do that much anymore.

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Monday 27 November 2023

This week on Q+A, we look back on 2023. From the Voice to Parliament referendum to the Matildas World Cup shootout and the scandals that shook Qantas, Optus and PwC.

Rate rises hit home, floods and fires flared, AI astonished, war was waged, and the cost-of-living crisis had us counting coins at the checkout.

What did you make of this year and what questions do you have about what lies ahead?

Q+A is live from Melbourne on Monday, 27 November at 9.35pm AEDT.

On the Panel

Cheng Lei
Journalist & Broadcaster
Cheng Lei is a Chinese-Australian journalist whose former role was anchor for the “Global Business” and “BizTalk” shows on China Global Television Network, rebranded from CCTV-News. She was released from three years and two months’ detention in China in October 2023. She had been accused of supplying state secrets to a foreign organisation.

Osher Günsberg
TV & Podcast Host
Osher Günsberg is one of Australia’s most recognisable media personalities and has been a guest in the living rooms of Australians for nearly two decades.

Todd Fernando
Outgoing Victorian Commissioner for LGBTIQA+ Communities
Kalarie man Dr Todd Fernando is the Outgoing Victorian LGBTIQA+ Commissioner, serving in the role since 2021. With a background as an intersectional change consultant and a respected public intellectual, Todd brings a wealth of experience in reshaping social policy and enhancing cultural safety in both public and private sectors throughout Australia.

Charlotte Mortlock
Executive Director, Hilma’s Network
Charlotte Mortlock is a broadcast journalist with 12 years experience, working in New York, Sydney and rural Australia, including as a political reporter and news anchor for Sky News. In 2021 Charlotte moved into politics as an advisor, and in the same year established The Clock, a podcast celebrating all the different paths women taking in their 30s.

Anthony Callea
The ARIA Award winner is undoubtedly one of Australia’s finest vocalists and entertainers with a career now spanning 19 years, 8 albums, TV Concert Specials, countless concert tours, major event performances and TV show

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