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Hamish McDonald was good when he did a few shows as a Guest Host. I reckon Hamish McDonald should have it. Steve Cannane i’m not so sure because i haven’t seen him host it. Virginia Trioli i’m not a fan of when she fills in for Q&A and i hope don’t make Ellen Fanning host it! She can stay as host of The Drum.


Why not have rotating hosts, or move around the country more and have state based hosts.


Slightly off topic but Hamish has been filling in on ABC Radio’s Conversations while Richard Fidler is away and has been doing a good job there, he could be alright for Q&A although I think Virginia seems to have been groomed for the role over the last couple of years I would say she’s probably first in line but I know there’s been talk of her on radio instead for the future.


Monday 18 February at 9:35pm

Chief Superintendent Stuart Smith, NSW Acting Assistant Commissioner

Kerryn Redpath, Author, drug educator and former drug user

Dr David Caldicott, Pioneer of pill testing in Australia

Marianne Jauncey, Medical Director, Kings Cross Safe Injecting Room

Mick Palmer, Former AFP Commissioner


Monday 25 February at 9:35pm

Dr Jordan Peterson, Controversial Canadian Psychologist and Author

Terri Butler, Shadow Minister for Employment Services

Catherine McGregor, Freelance writer, broadcaster and author

Van Badham, Writer and commentator