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Yeah, most people, myself included have given up on the masks, but then again noone really cares what Palaszczuk has to say up here anymore. She is officially ignored by 90% of the population now. On the other side of the argument, people have Covid Fatigue and just dont care anymore


Another 2 electric buses (Volvo BZL) for Transperth/PTA WA sighted in Kewdale, this time with the standard corporate livery.


That is what happens when it is not enforced, the ones who think they are smart ignore it. Needs to be enforced or otherwise change the rule.

I dont think its a case of being smart, its a case of noone cares anymore. they are just over it

I’m actually not sure I understand the logic of masks on PT. Air circulation is ok as doors open frequently. People are also not together for too long. If you can remove masks in theatres etc then they could probably be removed from PT.

Personally I still wear them but that isn’t just on public transport. That covid fatigue argument just shows selfishness in my opinion. We have to learn to live with this for the rest of our lives, just ignoring it is not going to help. We can make small sacrifices to mitigate the risks.


Depends on the service, if you use an intercity service, you can spend up to, if not more than, half an hour between stops.

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There is still air circulation though. It’s not that same as a plane.

The $3.5 billion will include $924 million for stage three of the Gold Coast Light Rail, from Broadbeach South to Burleigh Heads; $876 million for the Logan and Gold Coast faster rail upgrade from Kuraby to Beenleigh; and $489 million towards the Beerburrum to Nambour rail upgrade.

The package will also allocate $789 million towards the New Generation Rollingstock program, including new signalling and train control systems; $212 million towards the Queensland Train Manufacturing Program; $107 million towards building three new Gold Coast stations – at Pimpama, Hope Island and Merrimac; $92.5 million towards the Loganlea train station relocation; and $30 million for the Loganlea train station park ‘n’ ride upgrade.

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Public transport fares in NSW are set to rise by 3 per cent from July 4.

(Transport for NSW chief operations officer Howard Collins) said the existing travel caps would remain in place, to shield heavy public transport users and pensioners from severe hikes.

This means adults will still travel free after they have spent $50 in one week on public transport.

The lower $25 weekly cap for youth and concession holders will also stay in place, as will the $2.50 daily cap for Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal customers.

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In Sydney for a couple of nights, got the train, but took FOUR and a half hours(normally 2 h 40 min).

Apparently a freight train ahead of us had mechanical issues so we had to wait at Teralba station (Lake Macquarie) for nearly 2 hours whilst that was sorted out.

So i now have an intimate knowledge of Teralba station, which is pretty easy as there’s nothing there at all, no kiosks, toilets or anything.

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